Left Luggage

Leave your bags behind

Leave your bags behind

There are lockers and left-luggage offices at Munich Central Station, Munich East Station (Ostbahnhof) and the airport. Get all the information here.

Left-Luggage Offices and Lockers Central Station and Munich East Station (Ostbahnhof)

At both stations, you will find short-term and long-term lockers. Short-term lockers will hold your baggage for a maximum of 3 days. The charge for a small locker is 3 euro per day, and a large, or jumbo locker will cost you 5 euros.

Here you will find detailed maps of Munich Central Station and Munich East Station that also show locker locations.

Left-Luggage Office at the Central Station

Keep your bags for a maximum of 4 weeks and - 5 euros per bag and day.

Left-Luggage Office at the Airport

There is a varying system of charges per 24-hour period or part thereof for a range of baggage from hand luggage to bulky luggage.

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