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Tickets at a Glance


This page provides you with an overview of the various MVV tickets for public transport in Munich

For spontaneous or occasional riders

Weekly, monthly or annual tickets – For regular use

  • Good for an unlimited number of rides during a specific period (a week, month, or year) in the region for which they were purchased. Senior citizen, pupil, trainee, and student fares are also available.
  • The last three groups require a customer card that includes a passport photo. These cards are only issued at the MVG Customer Center in Poccistrasse, at DB-Zeitkartenstelle München Hauptbahnhof, and the S-Bahn München Hauptbahnhof Service Centre. More information on weekly, monthly or annual tickets 

Special Fares for Certain Groups

  • Children under the age of 6 ride for free, children from the age of 6 pay a children’s fare.
  • Young people between the ages of 15 and 20 may cancel only half the stripes that adults would have to cancel. More on the U21 offer 
  • The severely disabled (green-orange ID + supplement + token) and their escorts ride for free.

Pets and Bikes


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