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Tickets and passes for public transport in Munich

Ticketautomat der MVG, Foto: MVV/Markus Kleimair
Foto: MVV/Markus Kleimair

Buy tickets for subway, bus, S-Bahn and streetcar in Munich

Information about tickets for public transport in Munich: Single tickets, group tickets, season tickets and more - how to get through Munich.

Where to buy a ticket, Foto: MVV GmbH
Foto: MVV GmbH

Where to buy a ticket

Underground (U-Bahn) and Urban Rail (S-Bahn) station ticket vending machines sell any cash fare ticket. These tickets are also available on trams and city buses, except for the stripe ticket. In addition to the ticket vending machines, tickets are sold at service points, customer service centres, info points and a large number of private points of sale (e.g., kiosks and stationery stores).

Passes are sold by S-Bahn station ticket vending machines and specially designated ticket vending machines at underground stops. Passes, single and day tickets are also available at Deutsche Bahn’s mainline ticket vending machines.

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