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Taxis/Cabs in Munich: Vendors, prices, phone number, stand locations

Taxis am Odeonsplatz

Driving with a cab/taxi in Munich: Rates, phone number, app

The most individual means of transport for those in a hurry or carrying a lot of luggage. See all information on getting cabs in Munich.

Call a cab in Munich: Phone, App, Stands

There are three ways to organize a cab in Munich: Either you hail a passing cab by hand signal, if the yellow "Taxi" sign on the roof is lit, the cab is usually available.

In addition, especially in the city center, for example at the main train station or Odeonsplatz, there are dedicated cab stands where several cabs are parked and where you can simply get in.

Or you can call a cab by phone or app, which will then pick you up at the desired location - depending on the location, there is a corresponding journey fee.

Cab center in Munich: Number and contact

Taxi-München eG
Phone: 089-21 610 or 089-19 410

IsarFunk Taxizentrale GmbH & Co. KG
Phone: 089-450 540

The two cab centers are usually manned around the clock.

Cab fares: What does a cab cost in Munich?

Cab fares in Munich are precisely regulated: There is a minimum fare, and the total cost of the trip is then based on the distance traveled. There are also precisely defined rates for idle time, i.e. when the cab waits while you do something.

By the way, Munich has the highest cab density in Germany, with 2.5 cabs per 1,000 inhabitants.

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