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Your taxi fare is the result of pre-determined rates that are rather complicated to calculate. Here you’ll find an overview of individual rates.

It is rare to ride from point A to point B twice and pay exactly the same amount. Waiting time is factored in the calculation, whether caused by traffic or not. To allow you to “guesstimate” anyway how much it will cost you to take a taxi in Munich, we have compiled essential information from the current Taxi Statutes for you.

Excerpt from the Taxi Rate Statutes

Regardless of how many people board the taxi, fares are based on a basic fare plus a minimum of one rate increment or waiting time plus any surcharges.

  • The basic fare is 3.70 euros.
  • The rate per kilometre is shown based on 0.20 euro rate increments.

The following rates apply

  • Rate per kilometre for up to 5 kilometres: 1.90 euros
  • Rate per kilometre for 5 to 10 kilometres: 1.70 euros
  • Rate per kilometre for more than 10 kilometres: 1.60 euros
  • Waiting time per hour 28.00 euros
  • There is a flat fare of 63 euros to travel directly from Munich Airport to the New Munich Exhibition Centre (Neue Messe München) or vice versa.


  • Order fee: 1.20 euro
  • Charge per piece of baggage in the boot: 0.60 euro
  • Animals (even if caged): 0.60 euro
  • Taking a shuttle: Flat surcharge of 6.00 euros from the 5th passenger

Last Revised: February 2016



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