Bavaria Filmstadt: admission prices, opening hours, attractions

The Bavaria Filmstadt: Great cinema at the film studios in Munich

Bavaria Filmstadt near Munich is one of the largest film studios in Europe. All information about the attractions from film sets to 4D cinema.

Einen Blick hinter die Kulissen werfen in der Bavaria Filmstadt
Bavaria Filmstadt

Film studio for series, films and international productions

The studios of Bavaria Filmproduktion are bustling with activity. German series and major international productions are shot here every day. Located in the Grünwald district of Geiselgasteig, the approx. 300,000 m² Bavaria site is one of the largest film studios in Europe.

Cinematic entertainment has been made here for over a hundred years. Big movies like "The Neverending Story", German TV shows with audiences like "1,2 oder 3," popular German TV series like "Die Rosenheim-Cops," "Sturm der Liebe" or "Der Alte" are at home here, as is the TV series "Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst."

In 1981, the film city south of Munich opened its doors to visitors, who were allowed to enter the 55-meter-long submarine from Wolfgang Petersen's masterpiece "Das Boot" for the first time.

Drache Fuchur in der Bavaria Filmstadt
Bavaria Filmstadt

This is what you see on the Filmstadt tour

During the approximately 90-minute tour, tour guides present the bustling atmosphere of a production site with 12 studios, workshops, post-production studios and a costume and furniture store, and provide information about the exciting filming of cinema classics and TV highlights.

You will experience these film sets on the tour:

  • a film set from the live-action adaptation of the cult book "Jim Knopf and Lukas the Locomotive Driver" by Michael Ende
  • the famous 10b classroom from the "Fack Ju Göhte" movie trilogy
  • the fairytale palace set from the fantasy movie "Die Zauberflöte" (The Magic Flute)
  • original scenery from "Wickie und die starken Männer" (Vicky the Viking)
  • the original model of a submarine from the worldwide known cinema classic "Das Boot" from 1981
  • the village and the Roman arena from "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar".
  • the space station from the science fiction thriller "Stowaway
  • 2021 new is an insight into the more than 100-year history of the company and the media location Geiselgasteig. Unique exhibits, photos and film clips take you on a journey into the eventful past.

The tour guides supervising each tour provide guests with sound basic knowledge about the numerous film and TV productions made at the studios. What makes the tour so unique is its authenticity, the stay in the middle of studio operations, because in the studio halls and outdoor sets are constantly shooting.

4D cinema with virtual reality

4D Kino in der Bavaria Filmstadt
Bavaria Filmstadt

Today, all major cinemas already offer 3D, but a 4D movie experience is something unique: special effects such as gusts of wind or moving rows of chairs give not only your eyes, but your whole body the feeling of being in the middle of the film.

In 2021, you can experience the animated film "Mogli's Jungle Adventure," a fast-paced race between the clever Mogli and the
the gray eminence of the jungle, the panther lady Baghira. Mogli will use any means to win.

The 4D cinema also impresses in terms of sound: with 432 speakers, sounds and noises are presented spatially.

History of the Bavaria Filmstadt: from Hitchcock to Tatort

Der Glücksdrache Fuchur aus Die unendliche Geschichte
Bavaria Filmstadt

The "Los Angeles in the Isar Valley" looks back on a long and eventful history:

  • Since its founding in 1919, famous directors of formative epochs in film history have worked here.
  • Alfred Hitchcock shot two of his early films at Geiselgasteig in the 1920s.
  • In the 1950s, American producers and directors were also drawn to the Isarhochufer because of the favorable production conditions. Elia Kazan, Orson Welles and Stanley Kubrick, among others, worked at the Bavaria Film Studios.
  • The list of legendary actors and actresses is just as long and includes glittering names such as Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • For German film history, the Bavaria Film Studios are significant not only for Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot" but also for Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who filmed his groundbreaking television production "Berlin Alexanderplatz" there.
  • Tatort productions such as those surrounding the legendary investigator Schimanski also made television history here.

Admission prices

Filmstadt Combi (guided tour and 4D cinema):

  • Adults: 20 Euro
  • Children (6-17 years): 18 Euro


  • On presentation of ID, all visitors have free admission on their birthday.

How to get to the Bavaria Filmstadt

By public transport:

  • Tram line 25 to Grünwald, exit Bavariafilmplatz

By car:

  • via Grünwalder Straße to Grünwald / Bad Tölz; in Grünwald-Geiselgasteig, a "Bavaria Filmstadt" sign to the left will guide you there.

There's a daily guided tour in English.