Scotland at UEFA EURO 2024 in Munich

Munich is so Scottish: Kilts at the Oktoberfest and a whisky vicar

Scotland has the honor of playing the opening match of UEFA EURO 2024 against Germany in Munich. Thousands of Scottish fans will create an exuberant atmosphere in the city to kick off the European Championship. But Munich also has a lot in common with the north of Great Britain besides the European Championships: kilt wearers at the Oktoberfest, Munich's first partner city and church services with whisky - that's how Scottish Munich is.

Bagpipe player in a traditional kilt at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Munich
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Kilt and bagpipes on Munich's Ludwigstraße: where you can discover Scotland in Munich

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Scotland at the opening match in Munich

"Ceud mìle fàilte", Scottish Gaelic for "Welcome!", is what you can shout to the Scottish supporters when you meet them in Munich on June 14. At 9 p.m. on that day, the opening match of UEFA EURO 2024 will be played in the Munich stadium in Fröttmaning, with Scotland taking on Germany.

Thousands of fans will then come to Munich from the island. Anyone who has ever experienced the Scottish supporters knows what an outstanding atmosphere they create. But you don't have to wait until the European Championships to find traces of Scotland in our city. You can find them every day and everywhere in Munich!

Logo of the host city Munich at UEFA EURO 2024 with the towers of the Frauenkirche

Scotland: Facts about the European Championship guest

  • Area: 77,910 km²
  • Population: 5.5 million
  • Capital: Edinburgh (1,327 km from Munich)

British Consulate General in Munich
Möhlstraße 5, 81675 München

Scottish party: Munich rocks into the European Championship kick-off

If you want to warm up for the opening game, you can come to the Backstage event location on June 13. The big "Euro 2024 Opening Party" will be held there from 7 p.m.. The event is being organized by the Tartan Troubadours and they have put together a great line-up of Scottish bands for you.

Glasvegas is an alternative band from Glasgow that will be heating things up live. Singer-songwriter Kyle Falconer, also known as the frontman of The View, will be bringing along a potpourri of his solo albums "No Love Songs for Laura" and "No Thank You". Further performances will come from Gallus, Ben Walker and PG Ciarletta. The perfect option if you want to feel a little Scottish culture before the European Championship kicks off.

Scottish culture: Wearing the kilt to the Oktoberfest

Almost everyone who has ever experienced the Oktoberfest costume parade will have spotted the Claymore Pipes and Drums there. Founded in 1976 at Marienplatz in Munich, the bagpipers can look back on decades of success. They have performed at concerts by music legends Rod Stewart and Mike Oldfield, among others. You can still see them live today, not only at the Oktoberfest, but also at the big St. Patrick's Day parade in Munich on March 17.

If you are interested in Scottish dancing, you should visit the Munich Scottish Association, which was founded in 1973. Scottish country dances or Highland dances are practiced and danced here every week. Anyone can join in!

The Munich Caledonians are also dedicated to sharing Scottish culture. Meetings are organized several times a year where you can learn a lot about Scottish traditions and enjoy typical Scottish hospitality.

German for beginners

Good day!Guten Tag!
Thank you!Danke!
What's your name?Wie ist dein Name?
My name is [...]Mein Name ist [...]
Which way to the stadium?Wo geht es zum Stadion?
Good match!Gutes Spiel!
See you later!Bis später!

Scotch whisky: A Munich priest is Keeper of the Quaich

A glass of Scotch whisky on a table

Did you know that there has been a "whisky service" at St. Michael's Church at Munich's Pflanzeltplatz since 2017? No joke! It really is all about Scotland, Celtic spirituality and whisky. The service is of course accompanied by Scottish music.

The whole thing is organized by the vicar of Perlach, Wolfgang F. Rothe, who can call himself the "Keeper of the Quaich" due to his services to Scottish whisky culture. A title already held by former US President Ronald Reagan, acting legend Sean Connery and the British King Charles III.

Would you like to try Scotch whisky and other Scottish specialties? There is no purely Scottish pub in Munich. However, in the numerous pubs in the city, such as Kennedy's or Kilians in the city center or The Keg Bar in Schwabing, Scotch whiskies have their well-deserved place on the drinks menu. And by the way, the most important football matches are usually broadcast there too.

Scottish friendship: Edinburgh is Munich's first partner city

Panorama of Edinburgh with a view of the two towers of Augustine United Church

Munich now has eight partner cities, but the first came from Scotland. Munich and the Scottish capital Edinburgh have been partner cities since 1954, which came about through a meeting between two city school councillors. The Deputy Director of Edinburgh and his Munich counterpart decided to exchange groups of teachers and pupils, which Munich's Lord Mayor Thomas Wimmer and his Edinburgh counterpart Lord Provost John G. Banks also thought was a great idea. The town partnership was thus sealed and since then there have been regular exchange programs and competitions between the two cities.

To mark the 70-year-old partnership, a very special gift was presented from Munich in 2023: Sculptor Thomas Hildenbrand built a spectacular nativity scene, which was presented to the public in Edinburgh's town square.

And then there is a royal footnote: Munich-born Franz of Bavaria, head of the former Bavarian ruling house of Wittelsbach, would theoretically have a claim to the British crown and therefore the Scottish throne. At least that is the view of the Jacobites, who do not recognize the British right of succession to the throne. Franz of Bavaria is a distant descendant of the Stuarts, who were King of England between 1603 and 1714 and, in the eyes of the Jacobites, should still sit on the throne in Buckingham Palace today. Of course, Franz of Bavaria never asserted this supposed claim and describes it for what it is: a curiosity.

Scottish personalities: Whether sport or music - the Scottish all-rounders

Hansi Flick, Alan McInally and Olaf Thon raise the championship trophy in the Olympic Stadium
Alan McInally (center) became German champion with FC Bayern in 1990. Here he celebrates in the Olympic Stadium with his former team-mates Hansi Flick and Olaf Thon

One of Scotland's best female footballers is earning her money in Munich: Samantha Kerr, captain of the Scottish national team, has been playing for FC Bayern since 2023. After winning five Scottish League titles and being named Scotland's female footballer of the year in 2022, she is now looking for a new challenge in Munich.

Her compatriot Liam Morrison is under contract with FC Bayern's second team, but is currently on loan to English third division club Wigan Athletic. He is unlikely to be involved in the European Championships, even though he used to play for Scotland's junior national teams.

Alan McInally also has a place in Munich's football history books: the Scot was a striker for FC Bayern from 1989 to 1992 and became German champion there in 1990.

Bob Ross is known far beyond Munich's city limits. The multi-talented musician is not only a horn player with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, but also a conductor, entertainer and presenter. He is also the founder of the Munich ensemble Blechschaden, which is known for its energetic performances.

Samantha Kerr at the Oktoberfest

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How long a journey from Edinburgh to Munich takes

  • By plane: 2 hours 25 minutes (direct flight)
  • By car: approx. 19 hours
  • By long-distance bus: approx. 32 hours
  • By train: approx. 14 hours 30 minutes (fastest connection)
  • On foot: approx. 11 days

Scotland's European Championship record: always out in the preliminary round

This is the Scottish national team's fourth appearance at a European Championship and the "Bravehearts", as they are officially nicknamed, have a clear goal: to finally reach the knockout round. In their three previous appearances, the Scots have always been eliminated in the preliminary round. Incidentally, their first appearance on the big European stage in Sweden in 1992 was against an opponent they will be familiar with: Germany. Back then, the DFB team won 2:0, with Karl-Heinz Riedle and Stefan Effenberg scoring the goals.

The Scottish team today may not have any big stars, but with John McGinn from Aston Villa and Scott McTominay from Manchester United, they have two highly dangerous midfielders. Coach Steve Clarke's team secured qualification for the tournament in Germany with a convincing second place in Group A behind the favored Spaniards and well ahead of the Norwegians with megastar Erling Haaland.

The Scots are staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the European Championships, possibly because the Bavarian Alpine foothills remind them of the Highlands at home.

Scotland's group matches at EURO 2024:

  • June 14, 9 p.m. in Munich: Germany - Scotland
  • June 19., 9 p.m. in Cologne: Scotland - Switzerland
  • June 23, 9 p.m. in Stuttgart: Scotland - Hungary

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