Shopping in an artistic ambience


The Luitpoldblock is a house full of tradition, which plays an inspirational role in Munich’s history.

Experiencing Munich’s unique lifestyle

The combination of the shops located in the Luitpoldblock have been selected by the owners to attract an urban, discerning clientele that place a high value on quality and style. The Luitpoldblock is home to many owner-managed shops, upscale services and fine craftsmanship.

It is precisely this mixture of concepts that makes the Luitpoldblock so unmistakable: a specific authenticity, shaped by the tenants and their employees, which combines culture and art, without forgetting the tradition of the house.

We create bridges from the past to the present

Conny Mirbach

The Luitpoldblock is family run since 1960 and has developed itself from a four- storey, early classicist commercial complex into a first-class shopping, service and business address of the 21st century. It represents a lively Munich city history and is constantly changing at the same time. More than 20 specialist shops - mostly from the respective premium segment - as well as numerous doctors, lawyers, notaries, management consultants and foundations come together under one roof in the Luitpoldblock. Right in the center of the Luitpoldblock is the palm garden and the Cafe Luitpold.

The Cafe Luitpold

Café Luitpold von innen
Café Luitpold

The traditional Cafe Luitpold is found in the center of the Luitpoldblock. The quality of a coffee house is determined not only by its craftsmanship, which is reflected in the products, but above all by the degree of well-being of its guests. Cafe Luitpold is a Munich institution, an urban coffee house that combines charm, style and cosmopolitanism with tradition and passion for good food. Since the renovation, the cafe in the Luitpoldblock has shown itself with a new face. Light, gentle tones characterize the stylish ambience, in which not only delicious coffee specialties and the famous pralines and cakes are served. The Luitpold Cake is a creation of Mister Paul Buchner and should definitely be tried when visiting. The kitchen surprises with traditional dishes, these are ideal for a light business lunch or a cultivated evening dinner.

The Café Luitpold Collection - Dreaming of the good old days

Munich's smallest museum with great experience value: on the history of coffee house culture from 1888 to the present. The museum defines itself as a public place beyond all arbitrariness and builds bridges from the history of the Luitpoldblock into the present and future. Contemporary art has always played a major role here. The museum reports on the rise of the Munich Palastcafé during the Belle Epoque to its almost complete destruction in 1944. It also accompanies visitors to the present, where the Luitpoldblock is a modern meeting place for generations and nations to explore new avenues.

The museum entrance is located in the palm garden of the Luitpoldblock.

Opening hours Café Luitpold Collection
Daily: 10-19 o'clock, free admission

Guided tours
Guided tours through the Cafe Luitpold collection are available on request for groups of 5 or more people. Registration and appointment by telephone +49 89 2425766 or


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