Camping grounds

, Foto: shutterstock
Foto: shutterstock

Camping in and near Munich

For many travellers, hotels are not the ideal choice of accommodation. Youth hostels and camp sites are a perfect option for those who are looking to save a little money or just love the great outdoors. They usually offer an interesting international community, presenting the unique opportunity to socialise with other people.

With locations spread thoughout the city, in close proximity to public transportation, the youth hostels and camp sites of Munich are a wise choice.



Oktoberfest Camping, Foto: Oktoberfest-Camping
Foto: Oktoberfest-Camping

 Those who want to enjoy their Oktoberfest stay at low cost and in a friendly atmosphere will find a perfect environment at the Oktoberfest Camping Munich-Riem. Whether visitors arrive in a RV, a camping bus or a trailer, they will encounter ideal conditions for a carefree stay.

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