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Oktoberfest Camping Munich-Riem

Oktoberfest Camping 2019, Foto: Oktoberfest Camping
Foto: Oktoberfest Camping

Would you like to enjoy your stay at the Oktoberfest in a friendly and affordable accommodation? Then we have just the right thing for you! We can offer campers everything for an easygoing stay, no matter whether you come with your caravan, VW bus or trailer. From supermarket, to souvenir-shop, from restaurant, to bistro and to modernly equipped sanitary installations – all is on-site for you at the Octoberfest Camping Munich-Riem.

Low priced alternative

Those who want to enjoy their Oktoberfest stay at low cost and in a friendly atmosphere will find a perfect environment at the Oktoberfest Camping Munich-Riem. Whether visitors arrive in a RV, a camping bus or a trailer, they will encounter ideal conditions for a carefree stay. Showers and sanitation amenities, mini-market, Oktoberfest souvenir booth and catering – everything is provided on-site at the Oktoberfest Camping Munich-Riem.

All you need

A total of 800 sites with hook-ups are available for campers. At the mini-market shoppers will find fresh bakery goods, a wide selection of beverages and everything they may need during their stay. They don’t even have to leave the campground. The well-equipped sanitation amenities with an adequate number of showers and toilets are located centrally in the campsite. Appealing catering facilities offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, party supplies and snacks are also found on-site. A cozy hut offers shelter in the event of unfavorable weather.

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Oktoberfest Camping Munich-Riem
81829 München

Phone: 0049/89/99650706

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