Public Outdoor Swimming Pools in Munich

The Schyrenbad - Munich's oldest public swimming pool., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM

There are a number of public outdoor swimming pools Munich has to offer. They are spread all over the city. While most swimming baths open in the beginning of May, the heated pools at Dantebad are open all year!

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The only outdoor pool in munich which is open all year., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM The outdoor pools of the Dantebad are open all year - heated in winter!

The Dantebad is an ideal choice for recreation when you're in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. It's the only public outdoor swimming pool in Munich which opens all year round. The 30 ° C water is what makes it so pleasant swimming outdoors - even in winter.

The 50-meter swimming pool is also perfect for athletes. The wellness pool with its 34 ° C warm water, the sauna area, the underwater massage and the rapid current are ideal for a few hours of relaxation. More info about Dantebad.

Freibad West (Westbad)

Beach volleyball court at the Freibad West (Westbad)., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Beach volleyball courts for ball sports lovers

The Freibad West (Westbad) in the western Munich district of Pasing offers an outdoor and indoor swimming bath. The Westbad has the most extensive lawn area of ​​all pools in Munich. To enjoy the sun, enter the naturist zone for full sun tan.

The diving platform especially attracts kids. They can choose between the 1- and the 3-meter dive. They will also enjoy the 74-meter waterslide and the rapid current. Sports athletes can swim in the 50-meter pool. Afterwards they may relax beneath the water umbrella in the non-swimmers' pool - which therapeutically massages your neck and back muscles. Two beach volleyball courts offer a great way to spend your summer day. More info about West Outdoor Pool.


Munich's oldest public swimming pool!, Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Munich's oldest public swimming pool: The Schyrenbad

Munich's oldest public swimming pool is the Schyrenbad. Originally open to boys and men only the idyllically located swimming bath is an excellent choice for anybody on a hot summer day.

Residents and visitors of the borough called Untergiesing will find several heated pools for adults and children. The Schyrenbad gives space to 7.500 visitors. In the integrated beer garden you can quench your thirst the Bavarian way. More info about Schyrenbad.

Naturbad Maria Einsiedel

Young people sitting on a terrace at the Naturbad Maria Einsiedel., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Swimming in chemical-free water: Naturbad Maria Einsiedel

Swimming in natural, chemical-free water. Located in one of the greenest districts of the city the natural swimming bath Maria Einsiedel offers the best recreation on a hot summer day.

The biological pool technology gives you pure water pleasure without chlorine. The Isar channel flows right through the swimming bath. It's particularly good fun for advanced swimmers. River flats and parks complete the fantastic package. The Maria Einsiedel public swimming pool is the ideal place for a day-long family trip. More info about Naturbad Maria Einsiedel.

Gallery: Munich's public swimming baths


Two large outdoor pools at a sunny day in munich., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Swimming in the heart of the city

Haidhausen and Bogenhausen are two of the most elegant areas of Munich. Located in between these two you will find the Prinzregentenbad. The 25-meter swimming pool and the 20-meter adventure pool with flowing water torrent, massage and neck jets, cool down the city residents all summer.

1- and 3-meter diving boards guarantee fun not only for teenagers. Children can enjoy the non-swimmers' pool, the play area and the 50-meter waterslide. One can relax and sunbathe on the large lawn area. And to finish off the day the kiosk offers various refreshments and snacks. More info about Prinzregentenbad.


The spacious pools of the Michaeli-Freibad surrounded by large trees., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Outstanding swimming pools: Michaeli-Freibad

From which height will you dive? The dive tower at the Michaeli-Freibad offers the choice and the challenge of 1-, 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-meter diving boards. Jump into the separate diving pool.

Shadowy trees, a separate naturist zone, a spacious lawn - let the summer come! The 50-meter sports pool especially attracts sportive guests. The adventure pool with its 64-meter stainless steel slide, the flowing water torrent, the water umbrella and several massage jets fulfill all wishes of the water enthusiasts.

There are also highlights for younger visitors in the non-swimmers' pool: the small slide in the shape of an elephant, the paddling pool or the children's play area with sand and water jets. A special feature of the Michaeli-Freibad is the family naturist area. Ball sports lovers have the choice between the two beach volleyball courts, the large football pitch and the basketball court. More info about Michaeli-Freibad.

More Information about the Munich public swimming pools
On the official site of the SWM you find opening hours,
prices, gallery, dates and news.


The outdoor pools of the Ungererbad in munich., Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Students and artists enjoy taking a swim in the Ungererbad

Do not forget the Ungererbad in the diverse district of Schwabing. Students, artists, families and sportsmen are typical guests of this popular public swimming pool.

The Ungererbad treats you with a variety of three swimming pools: an adventure pool with a flowing water torrent, a water umbrella, a 57-meter waterslide, 1- and 3-meter diving boards, a paddling pool, a naturist zone with separate ladies area, a children’s play and water area, two beach volleyball courts, a football pitch, table tennis, a giant chessboard, a lawn area for sunbathing with huge trees, a kiosk with a beer garden, a children’s slide and a trampoline - what else could you ask for in the summertime? More info about Ungererbad.

Bad Georgenschwaige

Bad Georgenschwaige, Foto: SWM
Foto: SWM Relaxed atmosphere in a central location: Bad Georgenschwaige

The public swimming pool Bad Georgenschwaige is located in Schwabing which is the most bohemian side of Munich. The 50-meter pool provides ideal conditions for sports. The 1-meter diving board attracts the kids and the 25-meter non-swimmers' pool is a perfect playground for children.

They also might have fun with the waterslides, the paddling pool, the trampoline and the playground. Mothers may appreciate the separate mother and child area.

So, which public swimming pool would you prefer? More info about Bad Georgenschwaige.

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