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Munich Christkindlmarkt cancelled

Christkindlmarkt am Marienplatz, Foto: Lukas Barth
Foto: Lukas Barth

Extreme coronavirus situation: Christkindlmarkt cancelled

(16.11.2021) Munich's Christkindlmarkt on and around Marienplatz will not go ahead. Mayor Dieter Reiter cancelled the event following consultations with the crisis team for extraordinary events (SAE). The reason is the extreme coronavirus situation in Munich.

Verbatim statement from Mayor Dieter Reiter

Oberbürgermeister Dieter Reiter, Foto: Presseamt / Nagy
Foto: Presseamt / Nagy

"It is bitter news that I have today for all Munich residents, and especially for the stall owners. However, the extreme situation in our hospitals and exponentially rising infection rates leave me no other choice: unfortunately, the Munich Christmas Market cannot take place this year. Anything else would cause an unjustifiable increase in the risk of infection and would send the wrong signal – especially to all the employees in our hospitals, who are working at their limits. It is now a matter of avoiding large gatherings of people as far as possible.

I also discussed the current situation in detail with the city's crisis team today. The health authorities and the district administration have urgently advised against holding the Christmas Market. This morning, the pandemic officers of all Munich hospitals also unanimously warned against holding the market and pointed out the catastrophic situation in the hospitals.

The Chistkindlmarkt would, of course, have been a nice pre-Christmas sign of normality. Unfortunately, despite the possibility of vaccinations, we are currently far from this normality, partly because not enough people have been vaccinated yet. In my deliberations, which have been anything but easy, the top priority was to protect people's health and support the employees in our hospitals.

It's true, as some might point out, that the Chistkindlmarkt is out in the fresh air. However, the Munich Chistkindlmarkt on Marienplatz and the surrounding squares in particular cannot be fenced off, meaning the number of guests and compliance with the 2G rule would be impossible to control. And this in the pedestrian zone, which is already heavily frequented in the pre-Christmas period. The same applies to Winterzauber at the Viktualienmarkt."

The Christkindlmarkt would have started on 22nd November

The traditional Munich Christkindlmarkt was set to take place from 22nd November to 24th December 2021. After a break during the Christmas holidays, the New Year's Market would have taken place for the first time from 27th December to 9th January.


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