Angel of peace (Friedensengel)

Friedensengel im Herbst

The golden angel is one of Munich's landmarks

On Prinzregentenstraße near the Isar River, the 38-metre-high Friedensengel watches over Munich. The golden statue on a columned temple is enthroned on the Prinzregenten Terrace, which offers you a magnificent view over the city and new perspectives. The entire complex is a monument to the 25 years of peace after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71.

Pictures of the Angel of Peace

Monument in the Bogenhausen district

In the Bogenhausen district, the impressive monument to the Angel of Peace once marked the end of Prinzregentenstrasse. Today the boulevard goes far beyond that. The golden statue is a replica of the Nike of Paionios, a synonym for a military victory. It is enthroned on a 23 metre high Corinthian column, which in turn stands on a Korenhalle that is reminiscent of ancient times. The monument lies within the Maximiliansanlagen, a park in Munich's Bogenhausen district.

The panoramic terrace

At the monument of the Angel of Peace you can enjoy two views: the city at your feet and the beauty of the golden statue above you. The viewing terrace offers a wonderful view over the Prinzregentenstraße with its magnificent buildings such as the Haus der Kunst or the Bavarian National Museum to the Prince Carl Palais at the end of the street. This view is worthwhile all year round. Especially in the evening hours in summer it offers romantic moments when the fountain underneath is illuminated at night.

The magnificence of the Angel of peace

The six meter high goddess of victory holds in her right hand an olive branch as a symbol for peace and in her left hand the Palladion, an image of the goddess Athena, who stands for battle and wisdom. The temple below depicts on its corner pillars portraits of emperors, chancellors and generals such as Emperor Wilhelm I or King Ludwig II. In the hall, four gold mosaics depicting war, victory, peace and the blessing of culture point in every direction. Two steps lead down to the fountain on the left and right of the viewing terrace, with a water fountain in the middle, framed by four putti riding dolphins.

Inauguration of the monument 1899

The foundation stone for the Angel of Peace was laid on 10 May 1896. The bronze statue was created by the three sculptors Heinrich Düll, Georg Pezold and Max Heilmaier and the bronze casting by Ferdinand von Miller. The monument was inaugurated on 16 July 1899.

Since the gilded figure threatened to fall decades later, it was removed in 1981. This resulted in severe damage, so that the goddess of victory could only turn her attention to Munich again in 1983. The two wings and the supporting leg had been renewed for this purpose. Since then the wings of the angel rise steeper into the sky. For the centenary in 1999, all parts of the monument were cleaned, repaired and the angel wrapped in a new gold leaf dress.




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