Discover the city panorama: tips for views of Munich

The 7 most beautiful viewpoints in Munich

Munich has a lot of great viewpoints on offer. From the panorama of the old town to the romanticism of the railway, our hot spots offer unique views on the city.

Die Türme der Münchner Frauenkirche.
Michael Hofmann
The view from the Olympic Tower over the Olympic Stadium to the west

Town hall tower: Frauenkirche and St. Peter in sight

Ausblick von der Frauenkirche auf den Marienplatz
Michael Hofmann

Only a few metres separate the tower of the New City Hall (Neues Rathaus) from the Church of St. Peter - so it's no wonder that the perspectives from both towers are similar. But nevertheless you should not miss the viewing platform on the top of the neo-gothic town hall! The view of the church tower "Old Peter" in the sunshine is awesome. And you won't get any closer to the Frauenkirche than here - at least not if you want to have it uncropped on your photo. Looking north, there are great views on the Siegestor and the Monopteros temple in the English Garden. Another advantage: There's an elevator in the tower that will take you up in comfort.

Olympic Tower: A view over the entire city

Frau blickt vom Olympiaturm über München
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You can't get any higher up in Munich! With 291 meters the Olympic Tower is the second highest building in Bavaria. The viewing platform is at a lofty height of 185 meters. Once the super-fast lifts have taken you up, the entire city is at your feet. If the weather is right, you can see the Alps in the background. But probably the most fun is to look for your own residence or hotel in the urban jungle from up there.


    St Peter's church: The best panorama of the old town

    Frauenkirche und Neues Rathaus vom Alten Peter aus gesehen
    Anette Göttlicher
    Die Frauenkirche und der Rathausturm vom Alten Peter aus gesehen

    A real classic: The viewing platform on St. Peter's Church (called "Alter Peter" by Munich residents, which translates as "Old Peter"), is climbed daily by thousands of visitors from near and far. Through a narrow staircase, about 300 steps lead them higher and higher, until finally a fantastic view in all directions opens up. By far the most frequently photographed view is of course the Marienplatz panorama. Where else can you take pictures of the Frauenkirche and the town hall at the same time? And on a clear day, even the Olympic Tower peaks up in the background.

    Maximilianeum - the view into the sunset

    Nachtaufnahme von der Aussicht am Maximilianeum
    Michael Hofmann
    The panorama from the west side of the Maximilianeum

    Those who love the play of colors in the sunsets should visit the Bavarian Parliament in the evening. From the west facade of the Maximilianeum, the view leads directly west along the long Maximilianstrasse with the Max II Monument to the Frauenkirche, the New City Hall and the Old Peter. Tip for photographers: The play of lights with the yellow glowing lanterns of the Maximiliansbrücke and the bustling streetcar and car traffic is ideal for nighttime long exposures.

    City Hall Tower: Frauenkirche and Alter Peter in view

    Alter Peter vom Rathausturm aus gesehen
    Mde / Michael Hofmann
    View from the town hall tower to the south with the Old Peter

    Only a few meters as the crow flies separate the tower of the New City Hall from the Old Peter - so it's no wonder that the perspective is similar. But still, no one should miss the viewing platform at the very top of the neo-Gothic building! Because the view of the Old Peter in the sunshine is the hammer. And you can't get any closer to the Frauenkirche than here - at least not if you want to photograph it in its entirety. Towards the north, there are great perspectives of the Siegestor and the Monopteroshügel in the English Garden. Another advantage for those who have to climb too many steps in the Old Peter: There is an elevator here that takes you comfortably to the top.

    Monopteros: The green view on Munich's skyline

    Ausblick vom Monopteros Hofmann
    The southern part of the English Garden with the city skyline

    To climb the Monopteros Hill in the English Garden you do not need mountain equipment or a great physical condition. But you will be rewarded nevertheless with a magnificent panorama. From the round temple you can spot the church towers and magnificent buildings of Munich's old town while being in the middle of the nature of the English Garden. The State Chancellery (Staatskanzlei), Frauenkirche, City Hall, Theatinerkirche and Ludwigskirche - everything a Munich visitor could possibly desire is there.

    Luitpold Hill (Luitpoldhügel): Perfect for postcard motifs

    Aussicht vom Hügel im Luitpoldpark auf München
    Michael Hofmann
    The alpine chain with the city panorama from the Theatinerkirche to the Frauenkirche

    There is even a summit cross on the Luitpoldhügel in Schwabing's Luitpoldpark, but of course the 37-metre-high mountain made up from World War II rubble, cannot compete with the Alps. But the view on Munich's city centre is something else! Church towers and skyscrapers are lined up like a string of pearls. On a clear day the Alps can be seen behind them and you really can practice your skills as a postcard photographer.

        Hackerbrücke: The place for railway romance

        Paar auf der Hackerbrücke in München
        Anette Göttlicher
        The view from the Hackerbrücke out of town

        The Hackerbrücke is not only a first-rate industrial monument, but has long been a place of desire that many other cities envy us for. At this location, railway romance meets big city life. Below the massive steel bridge, an impressive number of railway tracks lead into the direction of the main station. Countless Munich residents and visitors sit on Hackerbrücke's steel beams in almost any weather, gathering and chatting through the nights that fly by so quickly here.

        Platform below the Friedensengel: best for sunsets

        Sonnenuntergang am Friedensengel
        The view from the terrace at the Friedensengel in west direction to the Prinzregentenstraße

        The inhabitants of Haidhausen and Bogenhausen have long claimed the terrace below the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) as their own. It's easy to understand, since the sunset at the Friedensengel is simply fantastic: Just bring along a glass of beer or wine and enjoy the urban flair with cars passing by and lights illuminating the fountain and the skyline. From the beautiful old stairs and the panorama platform you have a great view over the Prinzregentenstraße and Schwabing - and it never gets too crowded up here.

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