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Glockenspiel in the New City Hall at Marienplatz: All you need to know

Das Glockenspiel am Münchner Rathaus, Foto: Shutterstock / Anibal Trejo
Foto: Shutterstock / Anibal Trejo

Glockenspiel in the New City Hall: music, background and history

The Glockenspiel in the New City Hall (Rathaus) tower at Marienplatz is world-famous. Here you can find out when to visit and what the dancing figures actually mean.

Glockenspiel in Munich: When and where you can see it

  • Daily at 11am and 12 noon, the Glockenspiel starts in the tower of the New City Hall (Neues Rathaus) at Marienplatz, Munich.
  • From March to October, it can be seen at 11 am, 12 pm and at 5 pm
  • Four different pieces or songs can be heard. The program changes monthly.

Detailed information about the music program (in German)

What the figures show

Glockenspiel am Marienplatz, Foto: Shutterstock
Foto: Shutterstock

The Glockenspiel in the City Hall tower shows two events from Munich's city history: First, the wedding of Duke Wilhelm V and Renate of Lorraine, celebrated in February 1568. In honor of the bride and groom, a jousting tournament took place on Marienplatz. The Bavarian knight triumphed over his opponent from Lorraine.

The lower floor shows the Schäffler dance. After a severe plague epidemic, the barrel makers are said to have been the first to venture out into the streets again, dancing to amuse the plague-stricken population.

More facts about the Glockenspiel on Marienplatz

  • The Glockenspiel in the New City Hall consists of a total of 43 bells.
  • It is powered by solar electricity.
  • In 2007, it was refurbished, cleaned and retuned for the first time in almost 100 years.

The Glockenspiel (a Carillon) has a program all year round which is enticing to tourists and residents. See details as follows:

January / June / November (roller 1)

  • Herzload
  • Hohenfriedberger Marsch
  • Schäfflertanz 1. Teil (aber heit is kalt)
  • Muss I denn zum Städtele hinaus

February / July (roller 2)

  • Ännchen von Tharau (folk song)
  • Finnish horse march
  • Schäfflertanz 2nd part
  • In der Heimat ist es schön

March / August (roller 3)

  • Loreley
  • Preisend mit viel schönen Reden
  • Schäfflertanz 1st part
  • Wendelstein song

April / September, (roller 4)

  • Jetzt gang i an's Brünnele
  • Wohlauf Kameraden auf's Pferd, auf's Pferd
  • Schäfflertanz 2nd part
  • Die letzte Rose

May / October , (roller 5)

  • Sah ein Knab ein Röslein steh'n
  • Prinz Eugen, der edle Ritter
  • Beer waltz
  • Morgen muss ich fort von hier

December / Advent , (roller 6)

  • In einem kühlen Grunde
  • Thorgauer Marsch
  • Münchner Kind'l
  • Oh Tannenbaum

Daily at 9:00 p.m

Night watchman call from Richard Wagner's Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Lullaby by Johannes Brahms


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