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The Olympic Tower in the Olympic Park Munich

Der Olympiaturm im Olympiapark, Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: / Michael Neißendorfer

The Olympic Tower: Munich's tallest building offers a perfect view

The observation decks of the Olympic Tower offer an unsurpassable view of the entire city of Munich. It measures a total of 291.28 meters and is located on the premises of the Olympic Park. The world-famous tower also houses a revolving restaurant.

Perfect view from the Olympic Tower - in the Olympic Park webcam

Look at the webcam to see what is going on in the Olympic Park and enjoy a top view of large event highlights with take place regularly in the park. The webcam does its' final turn around 9:15 PM and remains inactive until sunrise.

Olympic Tower: The most important facts

  •  Height: with antenna 291.28 meters
  • Observation decks: 171 - 192 m
  • Total weight: 52,500 tons
  • Diameter: 16.5 - 4.5 meters
  • Construction time: 1965 – 1968
  • Opened on: February 22, 1968
  • Number of visitors: since the opening in 1968: 43.3 million (as of 12.31.2018)
  • Highlight: Revolving restaurant

The observation decks: Look down at Munich and the surrounding area

Aussicht vom Olympiaturm, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal
  • Two elevators move up to a height of 185 meters and bring you above the roofs of the city at a speed of seven meters per second. 
  • On clear days, you can even see the Alps from the three observation decks, each at a different height.
  • You can look down from behind the thick glass of the tower or outside from the platforms, which are secured with gates.
  • Over 42 million people have visited the television tower since it opened in 1968.

What attractions can you see from up here?

Aussicht vom Olympiaturm, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal
  • Enjoy impressive views of the Allianz Arena, the Theatinerkirche, Munich airport or the BMW Museum with its striking architecture.
  • The grounds of the Olympic Park with its Olympic village and the famous stadium is literally at your feet.
  • The view of Munich with explanations can be found on glass panels that guide you around.
  • There is a telescope in the outdoor area.
  • The Olympic Tower in the evening is a special experience: The view of the sunset over Munich is particularly romantic. And the tower also offers a great perspective of events such as fireworks, the Tollwood summer festival or big open-air concerts at the Olympic stadium.

Images of the Olympic Tower

Construction history: It all started in the 1960s

  • In 1964, the Munich City Council decided on the construction of a television tower to improve the transmission power of the radio and television programs.
  • Construction work began in 1965 following plans from the architect Sebastian Rosenthal.
  • One year later, when Munich was selected to hold the Olympic Games in 1972, the decision was made to include the television tower in the Olympic ground plan. 52,500 tons of steel and concrete were used until the tower was opened in 1968.
  • Various renovation work was completed in 1999 and the tower was closed for three months.

Architectural highlights: two tower turrets

Der Olympiaturm in München
  • Since a concept on the tower design could not be found between the City of Munich and the developer, the German Federal Post Office, two tower turrets were created.
  • The telecommunication facilities are located in the lower one, the upper one has the observation deck with a revolving restaurant.
  • The Olympic Tower grew by more than a meter in 2005: Since April 2005, the height is 291.28 meters. A special helicopter from Russia attached a new antenna, which provides Munich and Southern Bavaria with digital television.
  • A staircase inside the tower, which is not accessible to the public, leads to the top with 1230 stairs. The seemingly endless staircase was used in the past for a very special sporting event - the Munich Olympic Tower Run.

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