Susanne Braun individual tours Munich

Dianatempel im Hofgarten

Individual, informative, entertaining – that is what Susanne Braun's tours are. The dedicated guest guide takes her customers on a great tour of discovery through Munich, the capital of Bavaria. She carries with her: a lot of information and competence, wit and flexibility

Susanne Braun Gästeführungen: You will search for run-of-the-mill tours in vain in Susanne Braun's portfolio. Her services are as different as the customers themselves, is the creed of this expert. That is why she arranges the tours quite individually, in close agreement with the guests. They include not only firms but also societies and groups of friends, tourist parties, students or individuals. For all of them Susanne Braun puts together the perfect Munich programme.

Susanne Braun Gästeführungen München

From the "normal" walk around the town to attending to the guests for several days with visits to museums, walks through Munich's parks, recommending restaurants etc. – Susanne Braun knows what to do. Always in complete control, she guides the visitors through Italy's "most northerly city", adds a bit of spice to the information with amusing anecdotes, is lavish with insider knowledge and amusing anecdotes and also has tips for "after the tour". For the night life, for example.

Susanne Braun Gästeführungen München

But expeditions with Susanne Braun are not restricted to Munich. Hikes in the surroundings are also popular. Susanne Braun takes her guests with her far away from the streams of tourists. Sometimes the focus is on the landscape, sometimes it is the cultural aspect. What about a visit to the Benedict monks at Andechs Monastery, for example, combined with an extensive walk through meadows and woods?

What about a detour to the Fantasy Museum on the bank of Lake Starnberg? Or perhaps a whole day's trip to the Artists' Corner at Rottach-Egern? – Wherever it may be, the urge to roam is always present: Susanne Braun is the perfect guide for the tour.


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