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Bike Ride in Munich

, Foto: MVV GmbH
Foto: MVV GmbH

Biking and riding on a train – an ideal Munich combination that saves you time and is good for you! Here you’ll find information on bike parking, bike rentals, and taking bikes on public transport trains.


Bike and Ride

Currently, there are some 21.900 B+R parking spaces in the city, with total parking amounting to some 24.000 spaces. This makes a combination of riding a bike and taking public transport both convenient and easy for you.
Here you’ll find an overview of parking at S-Bahn and underground stops. Framed numbers provide information about the number of parking spaces.

Call a Bike

If you have taken a train and would like to continue your trip on a bike, Call a Bike has got just the right service for you. At many stops, rental bikes (CallBikes) are available. After registering, use your mobile phone to rent a bike and deposit it near a major intersection at your destination.
Additional Information on Call a Bike 

Taking Your Bike

Of course there is the option of taking your bike on the underground or S-Bahn, except during the rush hour.
Additional information on taking your bike 



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