8 Party and Nightlife Tips for Students

Partystimmung, Foto: Christian Scheiffele
Foto: Christian Scheiffele

Best Bars, Pubs and Clubs for Students to Celebrate In

Are you a new student in Munich looking for a great place to have some fun? From trendy club to rustic football tavern, here are some of the best party spots you should check out!

Hip-hop Dance and Music: "Crux"

HipHop DJ

If you like hiphop music and dance (oldschool or newschool), then the Crux club is definitely the right place to be. Situated at Ledererstraße 3, Marienplatz, the club boasts some great lounge sofas for you to relax on while enjoying great music from top class DJs. The dancefloor is well designed to fit everyone who wishes to get their groove on. To ensure you do not wait outside for so long, it is only wise that you come a little earlier than other partygoers. Check out the Crux and we assure you that you'll have a great time! 

Table Football Pubs: "Substanz Club" and "Flex"

Kickertisch im Flex, Foto: Flex Club
Foto: Flex Club

Are you looking for where you can play table football while enjoying some good music and drinks? Substanz and Flex are two ideal clubs for you to check out in Munich. Located at Rupperstraße 28, Substanz is known for hosting Munich's oldest and most famous poetry slam. You can also enjoy indie music on Friday nights, and soul and funk on Saturdays. Flex, on the other hand, is situated at Ringseisstraße 11a, and boasts some good professional table football players you can ever find. Be on the look out for intense duels, great music and much more. These clubs also have billiards, darts and pinball games to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Rock, Reggae and Afro-pop concerts: "Backstage"

Eingang vom Backstage, Foto: Backstage
Foto: Backstage

The Backstage has become a great meeting point for lovers of rock, reggae, afro-pop and alternative music. for rock and alternative fans. Located close to the Hirschgarten park, the venue always plays host to bands for diverse music genres. If you enjoy listening to a different kind of music from the mainstream, you are likely to see one of your favorites performing at the Backstage. In summer, the area is almost transformed into a beer garden with different kinds of food and drinks to tickle your fancy. Hop on the S-bahn train and visit the Backstage today. You won't regret it!

Prominent Club in City Centre: "Milchbar"

Spaß haben in der Milchbar, Foto: Milchbar
Foto: Milchbar

The Milchbar has been very influential to Munich's nightlife for many years. The club garnered a huge following from its previous location at Optimolwerke. This didn't change even after it moved to its current spot at Sonnenstraße 27 - right in the heart of the city. Milchbar opens from Monday to Saturday every week, with different music genres to keep you dancing all night. For instance, Monday nights come with the biggest hits of the 80s, while Thursdays are tagged "Best of 90s". You can also enjoy a mix of Take That, Nirvana, Rednex and lots more if you visit today!

Turning night into day at "Olydisco"

DJ am Mischpult

Located in the heart of Olympiadorf (one of Munich's biggest residential areas for students), Olydisco is a great place for unwind. The club has been a part of the students' nightlife in Munich, for decades. If you don't like the overly scrutinizing glances of bouncers, this is the right place for you. Olydisco also has different themes for its parties and you will definitely find the perfect fit for your mood! There is a Biertstube (beer bar) right next to the club with a fantastic atmosphere as well. If you wish to check out the Olydisco, you can take the  U-Bahn going towards Olympiazentrum (the Olympic Centre underground station).

Party spot in Schwabing: "Barschwein"

Das Barschwein in Schwabing, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read

Schwabing has been a popular district for partygoers for decades, and many of them visit Barschwein. Situated at Franzstraße 3 (just a few metres away from the underground station at Münchner Freiheit), the club boasts a large attendance by students. If you also wish to try out some new drinks, kebab or food, there are other pubs, bars and fast food spots nearby. Without wasting more time, head out right away and visit Barschwein - and you will definitely have a lovely experience!

Popular spot in the Olympic Village: "Bierstube"

Starkbiermaßkrüge, Foto: Shutterstock
Foto: Shutterstock

Are you looking for a cosy environment to have some fun and get beers at the lowest prices? The Bierstube (beer bar) in the student residential area known as Olympic Village is quite popular for selling quality drinks at student-friendly rates. You also get to play table soccer and watch football matches on a giant screen. The spot is mostly patronized by students as a result of the numerous hostels nearby. Alumni also meet here to reminisce on their 'good old days' and you get to interact with many of them. The Bierstube is one place you should check out once you are in Munich!

Old-fashioned student pub: "Türkenhof"

Türkenhof, Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read
Foto: muenchen.de/Mark Read

If you are fancy old-fashioned beer taverns over hip party spots, Türkenhof is the ideal place to go. Situated at Türkenstraße 78 (just a few minutes walk from the Ludwig Maximillian University), the rustic pub offers delicious meals in large portions. The atmosphere and the people you find there make it more fun and memorable. There are also table soccer games and many TV screens showing live football matches. Visit the Türkenhof today and bask in the euphoria of the '80s.




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