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Frau joggt durch den Wald, Foto: Pindyurin Vasily /
Foto: Pindyurin Vasily /

Olympic Park

No matter what your favorite sport is, Munich offers a lot of opportunities for you to get active or watch professionals at one of the many top venues. The most well-known venue is the Olympia Park, which lies just outside the city center.

Indoor Pools

The indoor bath of the Westbad under a big glass dome., Foto: Robert Goetzfried
Foto: Robert Goetzfried

Munich offers a wide range of outdoor swimming pools, lakes as well as a huge river. In winter, water enthusiasts can discover a number of public indoor pools; from the magnificent art nouveau design of the Müllersche Volksbad to the sports-focused 50-meter pool of the Olympia-Schwimmhalle.

Outdoor Pools

The only outdoor pool in munich which is open all year.

Munich offers a great choice of public outdoor swimming pools. They are spread across the city area. While most pools open in the beginning of May, the heated pools of the Dantebad are open all year round!


in der Sauna liegende Frau

Saunas can be wonderfully relaxing, they increase your feel-good mood and have a positive effect on skin care. The comprehensive range of Munich M-Bäder sauna facilities offers plenty of variety.



As an outdoor tournament, the BMW Open is held at the border of Englischer Garten at the MTTC Iphitos. This ATP tournament, also known as the Bavarian International Tennis Championships takes place every year in spring. Iphitos is also one of the most traditional tennis clubs in Munich.


Die rote Allianz Arena in der Abenddämmerung, Foto: Allianz Arena/B. Ducke
Foto: Allianz Arena/B. Ducke

When walking through the streets in Munich, it becomes clear that Munich's football fans are extremely dedicated. It's not uncommon to see fans wearing more than three FC Bayern München scarfs in the middle of the summer while chanting team songs in the Underground station.

Horse sports

Pferderennen, Foto: Racheal Grazias/
Foto: Racheal Grazias/

The main venues for horse sports in Munich are the racing tracks in München-Daglfing and Riem. At least six trotting races take place in Daglfing every month. Spectators cheer for horses and jockeys. Betting is popular and even with a small bet you can join the fun.



The BMW International Open is held at the Munich North-Eichenried golf club. The 6,345 meter championship course at Golfclub München Nord-Eichenried has been constantly improved for the BMW International Open alongside the PGA. To make it difficult for professionals, extra bunkers, extended water obstacles and secluded tees are added. 

Winter sports

One of Munich's most attractive features is its proximity to the Alps. Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze, is the perfect location for any ski or snow trip. Getting there is half the fun, as transportation to the top of the mountain is provided by an old-fashioned locomotive.

Fun Sports

Frau mit Inlineskates

Blade night or beach ball tournament, city run or bike tour, especially in summer Munich has a lot to offer to those who love to combine sports and sociability.


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