Saunas in Munich

Saunieren in München, Foto: SWM, Kerstin Groh
Foto: SWM, Kerstin Groh

Regular visits to saunas in Munich strengthen your immune system and increase resistance to cold. This means you are doing something good for your health and general well-being. Saunas can be wonderfully relaxing, they boost your feel-good factor and have a positive effect on your skin. The comprehensive range of Munich's M-Bäder sauna facilities offers plenty of variety for you to choose from.

Saunas are recommended all year round. People who regularly visit saunas tend to keep fit and therefore are able to stave off spring colds at the very start of the season. It also helps the body's heat balance. The improved blood flow under the skin makes it easier to sweat during the hotter summer temperatures and also prepares you against the summer flu. In the cold seasons of autumn and winter, you need to stay warm, and saunas help a great deal. A cold shock following the sauna (for instance, from a cold bath, cold shower or plunge pool), stimulates the blood circulation around the body and has a positive effect on its metabolism. This causes immunoglobulins to form in your blood, as they are responsible for protection against pathogens. It also makes you feel better, as sweating detoxifies your body. The Munich indoor pools, with their fantastic sauna facilities, provide the perfect setting for this. The opening times are also ideal for working professionals. Many saunas are open until 11 pm.

Healthy and relaxing: visit a sauna in Munich

Expert tips for Munich sauna visits

  • Never take a sauna bath when you are hungry or too full.
  • Shower thoroughly before the first sauna session.
  • Sweat on the middle or upper bench in the sauna - for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Lying down makes you feel the heat more evenly, but the final two minutes of sauna time should be spent sitting up.
  • After the sauna, have a cold shower, jump in the plunge pool or take a cold bath.
  • Then take a break. You should recover for at least 20 minutes between sauna sessions.
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water after the sauna session.

SWM tips on their sauna services

You can find information on the various M-Bäder sauna
services on the sauna pages of the SWM website.

Sauna services for women

Massagen in München

It is important to feel completely at ease when visiting a sauna. Many women want to be in the presence of other women only. Consequently, the sauna facilities in Munich offer special times where women can enjoy a relaxing sauna session and be amongst themselves. Needs and requirements are different after all. Depending on the swimming pool and sauna facilities, women can also bring their children along on these ladies' days. However, you should verify this in advance.

Sauna times specifically for women

Taking a sauna among fellow women is more relaxing. You can find
all of the SWM information regarding this here (in German).

Massage: soothing for the mind and soul

Wellness Massagen in München

To make your visit to the sauna a really special experience, you can also be pampered with a massage. A soothing massage between sauna sessions or at the end of your visit to the sauna relaxes the body, mind and soul perfectly. Many M-Bäder public baths offer various types of massage that are performed exclusively by experts.

Massage services in the Munich SWM baths

Find out if you need to make a reservation in advance or what massages are available and where, here (in German).

Sauna special: salt and honey treatment

Anwendung mit Salz und Honig

If skin care is of particular importance to you when visiting the sauna, you can enhance it by using salt and honey. Simply apply the salt and honey to your skin before the sauna session. The heat from the steam bath opens the pores, ensuring a deep cleansing effect for the skin. This treatment is offered daily at the Munich sauna steam baths as well as at the sauna island in Westbad (but not the local sauna facilities or the steam rooms in the swimming pool hall). The daily schedule is as follows: salt at 6:30 pm, honey at 7 pm.

Sauna events at Munich's M-Bäder baths

Sauna-Events in München, Foto: SWM/Ekkehard-Winkler
Foto: SWM/Ekkehard-Winkler

The Munich M-Bäder baths have a special pampering program with many sauna events ready for their visitors. They are different and unique, and participation is free except for the regular entrance fee:

Aqua floating and Rasul Midnight Dream: Listen to your body, free yourself and forget about the stress of everyday life; aqua floating provides deep relaxation in water. An attendant moves you gently back and forth in the warm water, which carries you without you making an effort. Experience a feeling of freedom from time and space. Then enjoy the Rasul ritual in the Irish-Roman steam bath or nude bathing in the small indoor swimming pool. In between, we will pamper you with exotic infusions and fresh fruit.

Baby and toddler sauna: In a child-friendly atmosphere, trained SWM specialist staff will teach you what's important when taking a sauna with babies and toddlers. Between 7:30 am and noon on the set date, the sauna is reserved exclusively for these young guests and their guardians. Letting children and parents enjoy a sauna, splash about undisturbed, and forgetting about time altogether - while also doing something good for their health.

Beauty relaxation infusion: 
Let yourself be really pampered with low temperature saunas, steam baths and aroma baths. Not only on ladies' days are the saunas dedicated to health, well-being and undisturbed conversations. Take a visit and let a facemask made from pure healing earth gently cleanses and rids the skin of impurities. This stimulates cell metabolism and provides the skin with precious minerals. There's the blended natural jojoba oil which pleasantly moisturises the skin.

Chocolate: Evenings are all about chocolate (known to make you happy). You can enjoy an all-round chocolate package, an infusion with chocolate aroma, a chocolate body scrubs, chocolate face mask and a chocolate fruit skewer or homemade hot chocolate for after the sauna.

Ice and heat infusion: The infusion water is mixed with ice cubes or crushed ice. Depending on the weather, snowballs can also be stacked on the sauna stove, with a spoonful of infusion agents added to each sauna ball. The pleasant fragrance is continuously released throughout the slow evaporation - a variation that has it all.

Fruit infusion: Sliced ​​fruit is served during and after the infusion. The fruit provides a delicious refreshment, the body's defenses are strengthened and the body is less prone to colds - perfect for a healthy start to the cold season.

Sauna events in the Munich SWM baths
You can find schedules, prices and a list of participating
baths here (German).



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