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Sauna in Munich: offers and events

Saunieren in München

Sweating for health in Munich's spas

The sauna offer in Munich provides a lot of variety. Here you can find all the information and tips on saunas.

SWM - Sauna Locations

Taking a sauna is healthy: the metabolism gets going, the body's defenses are strengthened and the body's organ systems are stimulated. These 10 Munich SWM pools have a sauna area for relaxation:

  • Bad Forstenrieder Park Sauna
  • Cosima Wellenbad Sauna
  • Dantebad Sauna
  • Michaelibad Sauna
  • Müllersches Volksbad Sauna
  • Nordbad Sauna
  • Olympiabad Sauna
  • Südbad Sauna
  • Westbad Sauna
  • Prinzregentenstadion Sauna


SWM tips on their sauna services

You can find information on the various M-Bäder sauna
services on the sauna pages of the SWM website.

Expert tips for Munich sauna visits

Paar in der Sauna
  • Never take a sauna bath when you are hungry or too full.
  • Shower thoroughly before the first sauna session.
  • Sweat on the middle or upper bench in the sauna - for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Lying down makes you feel the heat more evenly, but the final two minutes of sauna time should be spent sitting up.
  • After the sauna, have a cold shower, jump in the plunge pool or take a cold bath.
  • Then take a break. You should recover for at least 20 minutes between sauna sessions.
  • Make sure to drink a lot of water after the sauna session.

Sauna special: salt and honey treatment

Anwendung mit Salz und Honig

Those who attach particular importance to the care of the skin when visiting the sauna can support this by applying salt and honey. To do this, apply salt or honey to the skin before going to the sauna. In the steam bath the pores are opened by the heat. This provides a deep cleansing effect on the skin.

These treatments are offered daily in the steam baths of Munich's saunas.

Massage: soothing for the mind and soul

Wellness Massagen in München

To make the sauna visit a real experience, massages are a great way to feel soothed. A wholesome massage between two sauna sessions or at the end of a visit to the sauna is the perfect way to relax body, mind and soul.

Many of Munich's M-Bäder offer different types of massages, which are performed exclusively by experts.

Massage services in the Munich SWM baths

Find out if you need to make a reservation in advance or what massages are available and where, here (in German).

Sauna services for women

Massagen in München

For all women who prefer to keep to themselves when bathing and taking a sauna, the sauna facilities in Munich offer special ladies' sauna dates.

Depending on the pool and sauna landscape, mothers can also bring their children along on ladies' days. However, you should find out about this in advance.

Sauna times specifically for women

Taking a sauna among fellow women is more relaxing. You can find
all of the SWM information regarding this here (in German).

Health, relaxation and more: 4 reasons for a visit to the sauna

  • Taking a sauna keeps colds at bay: A little heat like this followed by a cold shock has the best effect on blood circulation - and thus positively on the metabolism. Your body purifies nowhere better than in the sauna.
  • The sauna is perfect against the blues: When it's cold outside, a sauna session does you a world of good. Even the Dude knows in Big Lebowski that the bathrobe is the dress code of the deeply relaxed - so dig out the robe and treat yourself to a few infusions.
  • A sauna session is an ideal reward for the mind and muscles: Everyone knows those little deals you use to motivate yourself: After cleaning up, there's the chocolate - and after the laps, the sauna awaits. The good conscience of having done something for the body makes for even more satisfied relaxation - and the heat is good for the muscles anyway.
  • Relaxation at any time of day: Whether you want to get your circulation going in the morning, wind down at the end of the day or relax before going to the movies - in Munich you're guaranteed to find a sauna for any time of day. Many saunas are open between 7:30 am and 11 pm. Find out exactly which ones here.

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