Munich’s hearty brewpubs

Cheers! Enjoy your meal! Which pubs are always worth a visit

If you are from Munich, you won’t normally need a reason to have a cool half pint of beer - but it can’t harm to have a good starting point. Below are six breweries that also have a pub.

A brand-new tradition: Paulaner am Nockherberg

Following a full revamp, Paulaner am Nockherberg celebrated its relaunch in February. The brewpub was redesigned to bring it up-to-date but without losing its original charm. The benches and long tables provide a comfortable place for you to sit and enjoy freshly brewed beer specialities together with seasonal cuisine from the local region. What is brewed: Nockherberger Hell (pale beer), Barnabas Dunkle (dark beer), Faustus Weizenbock (wheat beer). And to eat: classics such as ‘Böfflamott’, beef braised in red wine for 38 hours, or modern dishes such as the ‘Münchner G'schichten’, which is the Bavarians’ version of Tapas.

Worth a visit: Flugwerk Feldkirchen

Got a birthday or a stag party coming up? Gather up your friends and book a tour of the brewery at the Flugwerk Feldkirchen. Here, you can take a convivial look behind the scenes of beer-brewing; beer-tasting is, of course, included. Afterwards, the Bavarian/Austrian delicacies will taste even better in the pub. What is brewed: smooth, full bodied Flugwerk wheat beer and special beers that change with the seasons – available from a 0.3l measure to 5l kegs. And to eat: The recommendation from chef Markus is the Flugwerk burger with shredded ox, fresh horseradish, mustard sauce and coleslaw.

The science of beer itself: Forschungsbrauerei München-Perlach

In 1930, Gottfried Jakob founded the research brewery in order to try out new types of beer and brewery methods. The brewpub, which has all the classics from crusty roasts to boiled beef, originally came on board as a test facility. Because, according to the founder: ‘The judgement of an impartial beer drinker, who has to pay for the beer, is really important.’ Cheers then! What is brewed: full-bodied pale beer, dark export beer, pale export beer, Die Wahre Weiße (wheat beer), Gottfried Jakob’s Blonder Bock and special beers for special occasions. And to eat: ‘As Stundenhendl’, half a chicken with an hour’s preparation time - most of those who want to study the beer in detail, however, generally come with enough time to spare.

The half pint for the neighbourhood: Giesinger Bräu

If a brewery wants ‘to make the pub into a meeting place for everyone in the neighbourhood again’, then it really can only come from Giesing. And in fact Giesinger Bräu is really making an effort to reach this excellent goal: Whilst in the brewpub with its more extensive, heartier menu, you can watch the brewers working in the brewhouse. Outside at the standing bar fun can be had with regular live music playing. And during the “beer price cut” from Monday to Thursday between 3pm and 5pm, you can get a pint of Helles or a Radler for an excellent 5.90 euros. What is brewed: Untergiesinger Erhellung is the house speciality, a naturally cloudy Kellerbier. On top of this, you can find a whole range of classics, special beers and craft beers. And to eat: At the weekend and on public holidays from 10am to 12 midday, you can have two ‘Weißwürscht’ (Bavarian sausages) with sweet organic beer mustard and a pretzel for 4 euros.

Tankards skywards: Airbräu at the airport

With a hand on the heart of Bavaria: Munich would not be Munich if there wasn’t also a brewery at the airport - by the way, it’s probably the only airport brewery in the world! To the right of Terminal 1, Airbräu lays on Bavarian delicacies and airy sounding beer specialities. Anyone who is already feeling homesick after getting through the security checks can get their money’s worth at Airbräu Next To Heaven at the top of Terminal 2 before their departure. What is brewed: Fliegerquell pale beer, Kumulus wheat beer, Jetstream Pilsner and seasonal beers, such as the Airnten, a light summer wheat beer. And to eat: the Airbräu mixed grill with various medallions, bratwurst, bacon, mushroom sauce, grilled tomato, herb butter and chips.

The bedrock: Augustiner Bräustuben

Probably present in every Munich guidebook there is and yet - or maybe even because of that? - what is quite typically Munich is the Augustiner Bräustuben by the Hackerbrücke (Hacker Bridge). With almost 700 seats, anyone who fancies a cosy Bavarian ambience, hearty cuisine and a lively chat between locals and visitors to Munich - who come from all over the world - will usually find themselves a seat. What is brewed: The famous Augustiner specialities: Hell (light), Edelstoff, Hefeweißbier (yeast wheat beer), Dunkles (dark) and Pilsner – also from their own wooden barrel upon prior request. And to eat: two pairs of pork sausages from the grill, fresh from the pub’s own butcher, Gut Granerhof, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

Text: Steffi Mayerhanser
Photos: Lukas Schirmer, Giesinger Bräu / Johannes Mairhofer, Giesinger Bräu

November 2018

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