10 Things you should do in Munich in Autumn

München-Panorama im Herbst, Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann

Autumn is the best season to get to know the golden, glowing side of Munich. These 10 things let you really enjoy autumn in the city.

Golden autumn walks through the parks

Herbst am Friedensengel, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

It is difficult to say which view is the most beautiful in autumn: The Nymphenburg palace park, the Hirschgarten with its animal enclosures or the magnificent view from the hills in Luitpoldpark? And there are other places besides the parks: A walk along the banks of the Isar to the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace), where the warm glow of the trees competes with the gold plating of the statue, is also a great tip.

Pure relaxation in the sauna

Saunalandschaft Michaelibad, Foto: SWM/Kerstin Groh
Foto: SWM/Kerstin Groh

The range of saunas in Munich is diverse, but there is one thing they all have in common: Not only is it wonderfully relaxing to spend time there – all that sweating is also really good for your health. You can experience a sauna in style in the Roman-Irish sweat bath in the Müller'schen Volksbad. There is also a Finnish sauna with coloured light effects and a variety of herbal infusions.

The Kirchweihdult is always an experience

The big folk festival season in Munich traditionally comes to end with the Kirchweihdult – ‘Dult’ – in October; however, that’s not the only reason it has so many fans. When the sun shows its face one more time and the leaves glimmer in gold, it puts simply everyone in a great mood – from the visitors to the stallholders.

Enjoy the vista from scenic points

Aussicht Alter Peter, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower) provides the most spectacular view. You can go up to approximately 200 metres in the lift, from which point visitors can look out across the whole of Munich. The Alter Peter (Old Peter) is one of the most well-known scenic observation points in the city centre. There are almost 300 steps to climb up to get to the top, but the view over the old town certainly makes the effort worthwhile.

Visit the Oktoberfest

Hübsche Mädels im Dirndl auf der Wiesn, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

‘Ozapft is!’ – exclaimed by the mayor of Munich upon first tapping a barrel, this phrase signals the start of the world-famous Oktoberfest. For sixteen days, the festival attracts locals along with millions of visitors from all over the world. Approximately 80 rides and amusement rides invite you to take part in the fun of Oktoberfest – including traditional establishments which only open at Oktoberfest.

Conquer the skies with stunt kites

Junge mit Lenkdrachen, Foto: Soloviova Liudmyla / Shutterstock.com
Foto: Soloviova Liudmyla / Shutterstock.com

Whether you’ve made it yourself or bought it – when you’re flying a kite, having fun is the main thing. And when the autumn wind really blows through Munich, the flying apparatus lifts off wonderfully into the sky. Flying a kite is fun for young and old alike – and the same can be said for the spectators. A good spot für flying a kite is the Olympic Park.

Amble through the markets

Viktualienmarkt München, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

There are four permanent markets that are managed by the city of Munich. In addition to the world-renowned Viktualienmarkt, there is also the Elisabethmarkt, the market at Wiener Platz and the Viktualienmarkt in Pasing. However, most visitors are attracted to the ‘original’ market in the heart of the old town. There could hardly be a more beautiful place to mingle with Munich’s inhabitants.

Get to know Munich through its museums

In the Stadtmuseum (City Museum), you can see exciting permanent exhibitions and changing special exhibitions on the history of Munich and on the peculiarities that make the city so lovable. The Typisch München (Typical Munich) exhibition shows the development of the city, but also focuses on beer, art and other things which have made Munich a ‘secret capital’ for many people.

Cycle through the autumn

Fahrradfahrer vor der Residenz

Though you do need a jumper and a jacket to cycle in the autumn: Tours along the Isar or through the parks are no problem at all, even in October, and can also be particularly beautiful in the glowing autumn foliage. If you want a relaxing cycle through the city: Organised bike rides through Munich are a wonderful way to get to know the city a bit better.

Hole up with a good book

Kind zwischen Bücherstapeln in Lektüre vertieft

There are several open library cupboards in Munich which anyone can help themselves to around the clock. You can also leave something there yourself, too, of course. Surrounded by rustling autumn foliage, you can enjoy a wonderful read by the Friedensengel or in the Hofgarten. If you prefer to be somewhere warm when reading, you can sit in a reading café until you forget the time of day. 

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