Olympic Park (Olympiapark)

Sommerpanorama  - Blick vom Olympiaberg, Foto: Olympiapark München
Foto: Olympiapark München

At Olympiaberg in Munich, every skier can find just the right slope. The highest hill in the city offers a variety of options for descending: gently descending slopes for everyone who wants to learn to ski and bobsled, and steep descents for those who like to fly across the snow.

Site of the 1972 Olympics, this landscaped park contains sport facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues, restaurants and a football stadium, as well as its landmark "tent-style" roofs. Don't miss the fascinating BMW Museum across the street, right next to the companies headquaters - which was constructed in the shape of a four-cylinder engine.

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Architecture & recreation

The Olympic Park in northern Munich is well known beyond the borders of the capital city. The unique tent architecture of the buildings and the Olympic Tower are some of Munich’s well known landmarks. After the Olympic Games in 1972, a 300-hectare-sized park was developed into a recreation center for the entire city. Joggers, cyclists, and walkers take their laps here, and swimmers do lengths in the Olympic swimming facility.

At over 50 meters (150 feet) high, the Olympic Hill towers over the park grounds and is an ideal spot to enjoy a view of the roofs of Munich and to the mountains beyond.

A place for events and festivals

A variety of events are held on the site throughout the year, such as the Sommer-Tollwood Festival and the free open air concerts at the Theatron on Olympic Lake. The Sea-Life Center, an aquarium and zoo with more than 10,000 different aquatic creatures, is very popular with families. The latest magnet for visitors at the Olympic Park is BMW Welt (“BMW World”) , which celebrates the legendary auto brand in impressive fashion.

Access: via underground, station "Olympiazentrum" Olympiapark Munich.

Speaking of events, the proposed center for “Summer in the city” 2020 is the Olympia Park. Not only should you look forward to the festival's atmosphere at the park itself, but also the large stage in Olympic Stadium. Other exciting attractions in place include:

  • Stalls, market stands, carousels and restaurants in Coubertinplatz and along the Olympiasee (Olympia Lake)
  • Amusement rides at Coubertinplatz and on the festival grounds in the southern Olympia Park: including a ferris wheel; the world's largest portable white water ride "Rio Rapidos"; the running shop "Jumanji"; the Heidi The Coaster roller coaster, the Bayern Tower, the Rainbow Star children's carousel and Break Dance No. 1.
  • On the festival site, there is the "Bavaria" theme and the world's largest transportable maypole
  • At the summer stage built in the Olympia Stadium, you can look forward to 6 weeks of concerts, shows and other events
  • Already running is the Open Air Cinema at Olympiasee
  • For kids, there is a variety program called "Mini-Munich" in the Olympiapark, and much more.

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