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S-Bahn Munich

Zwei S-Bahnen treffen sich am Ostbahnhof, Foto: Deutsche Bahn / Uwe Miethe
Foto: Deutsche Bahn / Uwe Miethe

S-Bahn connects Munich with the surrounding area and the airport

For almost 50 years, the S-Bahn Munich has been connecting the state capital with the surrounding area and beyond. Two out of the 8 lines shuttle between the city and Munich Airport at short intervals. Up to 840,000 passengers travel with the S-Bahn every day - the equivalent of more than two-third of all Bavarian rapid transit customers. Destinations outside of Munich such as Dachau or Starnberg are served by a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary.

Munich has one of the largest German S-Bahn networks

The Munich S-Bahn network covers 530 kilometers, making it one of the largest networks of the German S-Bahn service.

More than 1,200 competent employees work round the clock to keep the Munich S-Bahn's promise of putting customers first. If you travel with the S-Bahn Munich, you will receive first-class service. To further raise the standard, the Free State of Bavaria and Deutsche Bahn AG have invested more than 266 million euros in the further expansion of the S-Bahn Munich.

The investment program for the future is in full swing: most lines are already being served by new ET 423 trains, which have replaced the old trains. The multiple units are currently being modernized. The new vehicles offer passengers state-of-the-art amenities: LED exterior displays, modified interior, more space and large monitors to provide passengers with even better information.

Investments are also being made in the expansion of the rail network: several sections will be double-tracked, separate S-Bahn tracks will be built and stations converted or built from scratch .. The heart of the Munich S-Bahn will also undergo a facelift: The 4.2-kilometer-long long-distance tunnel, which runs through the center of Munich, will be equipped with new signaling technology. In addition, a completely new second tunnel is currently under construction. The project "Second trunk line" extends over a length of 11 km between the Leuchtenbergring and Laim stations, of which around 7 km run in a tunnel up to 48 m below the site. Around 3.2 billion euros will be invested. The opening is planned for 2028.

The aim of all these enhancements and upgrades is to introduce 10-minute service intervals on the main lines and significantly increase capacity across the network. The second S-Bahn tunnel will also reduce the load on the current long-distance line and increase reliability and punctuality.

In the future, the S-Bahn as a member of Munich's Transport and Tariff Union MVV will continue to provide a backbone allowing fast and convenient connections to the employment center Munich.

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