Nice Bars in Munich: Where to enjoy cool drinks

Loretta Bar, Foto: Markus Büttner
Foto: Markus Büttner

From classic to stylish: Nice bars in Munich

Looking for nice bars in Munich to relax in? We have quite a number of them for you to check out right here!

Classic: Loretta Bar

Loretta Bar is not a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet. You need to know that when you visit this classic bar. However, in Müllerstraße - i.e. at the pulse of the Glockenbach district - you can face the outdoor hustle and bustle of streetcars, cyclists and creative people calmly with an honest beer or a whiskey.

The conversations are usually as relaxed as the guests. With work colleagues, friends or table neighbors. Day and night.

Colorful: Bar of Bel Air

Bel Air Bar, Foto: Markus Büttner
Foto: Markus Büttner

There's a lot going on at the Container Collective in the Werksviertel near Ostbahnhof. On nice summer evenings and weekends, the guys from the Bar of Bel Air serve casual drinks in a motley ambience under the open sky.

There you can drink cocktails, beer and wine on various container levels until late at night. Life could be so simple sometimes? It always is there!

Stylish: James T. Hunt

James Hunt Bar, Foto: Markus Büttner
Foto: Markus Büttner

The James T. Hunt has been a firm institution in the Maxvorstadt district for years and is especially popular with sun worshippers and night owls. When the sun sets in the evening at the western end of Schellingstraße, the bartenders are in their element.

The cocktails, such as the "Rosemary Elder Fizz," are at least as outlandish as the lifestyle of racing driver James Hunt, after whom the stylish bar was named.

Italian: Bar Centrale

Bar Centrale, Foto: Markus Büttner
Foto: Markus Büttner

Bar Centrale could also be found in Rome, or Naples, or be located in any other Italian piazza between Bolzano and Palermo - because that's what summer in Italy feels like. But it's on Ledererstrasse, right in the heart of downtown Munich.

Not far from Marienplatz, it's only during the day that you sit quietly outside with an espresso. In the evening, you stand, chat, flirt and exchange ideas with the colorful crowd under the red evening sky. In style with a sprizz or a light vino.

Cozy: Freebird

Freebird, Foto: Markus Büttner
Foto: Markus Büttner

For over a decade now, the regular clientele and the uncomplicated mix of used furniture and special cocktail creations have been appreciated in the Freebird in the Schwabing district's Nordendstrasse.

One insider tip that is not on the menu - a Gin Mare with fine Spanish gin, previously smoked out with rosemary and then refined with the Bunsen burner.

Unconventional: Bar Sehnsucht

The Bar Sehnsucht in the Maxvorstadt district is reminiscent of a rocker's den or a Western saloon. Appropriately, of course, rock music blares from the speakers. Anyone wondering about the dozens of brassieres above the bar: They are "trophies" of female visitors who have traded in their bra for a free Jägermeister. Of course, beer or whisky-cola go perfectly with the cozy, rustic ambience. Of course, there are also cocktails

Asian vibes: Café Bangkok

The owners of the Café Bangkok have brought various decorative elements from Thailand and have set up cozy niches in the back area with ornate Asian lamps and cushions to lie on.

When the temperatures are warm, however, the beautiful terrace directly on Leopoldstraße is the first choice. There, Asian-inspired drinks like the "Saketini" or the "Geisha" really taste like a vacation. Our favorite palate tickler: the spicy gin-based "Eastern Smash" with Thai basil and chili heat.



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