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The Isar - Munich's paradise for bathing, relaxing and much more

Sommer an der Isar, Foto: / Mónica Garduño
Foto: / Mónica Garduño

Isar: Much more than a river for Munich

The Isar is the perfect place in Munich to relax - and not just at the Flaucher. Here you can find out where you can swim, barbecue or go boating.

The Isar: Facts and Figures

  • Spring: Karwendel in Tyrol, Austria
  • Mouth: into the Danube south of Deggendorf
  • Length: 292.3 km
  • Altitude difference: 850 m
  • Cities passed through: Munich, Geretsried, Bad Tölz, Freising, Landshut, among others

The Isar in Munich: Activities at a glance

  • The Isar flows through Munich from south to north for just under 14 kilometers and, with its flat banks, gravel bars and floodplains, is now the most important central recreational area in Munich .
  • The riverbanks are perfect for cycling, walking, relaxing and barbecuing.
  • Swimming and boating in the Isar is permitted in certain areas , as is surfing - always at your own risk.
  • The Flaucher is probably the best known Isar beach in Munich and a meeting place for refreshing, relaxing and partying.
  • You can also sail and discover the Isar by raft .
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The Flaucher: Welcome to the "Isar Riviera"

 Munich's Flaucher in Sendling stretches from the Bruderemühl Bridge over the Hellabrunn Zoo to the southern city limits and is a meeting place for many locals, especially in summer.

On the Isar meadows you can experience native flora and fauna and a few hundred meters below the Thalkirchner bridge the Isar even forms a small waterfall at the weir locks.

Swimming in the Isar: Here it is allowed

Frühling in München, Foto: / Mónica Garduño
Foto: / Mónica Garduño
  • Upwards from the Flauchersteg to just before the Wittelsbacherbrücke bridge
  • From the Marienklausensteg to the Thalkirchner bridge
  • A few meters downstream from the Wittelsbacher bridge to the Reichenbach bridge
  • Downstream from the Großhesseloher railroad bridge to just before the Marienklause.
  • From the Max-Joseph bridge to just before the Oberföhring weir.

Barbecuing at the Isar: Where to find grilling areas

The Isar offers many opportunities for barbecuing - but only in the area of the barbecue zones on the gravel banks.

Since barbecue zones are constantly changing due to the river dynamics, it is worth taking a look at the signs on site as well as the Isar app developed by with the current barbecue zones on the Isar.

The Isar via raft and boat

, Foto: Michael Hofmann
Foto: Michael Hofmann

 Every year from May 1 to mid-September you can discover the Isar by raft. On traditional wooden rafts you can go on a humid and cheerful river trip, whether as a club or company outing, as a single passenger or with family and friends.

Boating on the Isar is also permitted in Munich at certain sections. You can find the latest information here (in German).

Surfing and canoeing on the Werkkanal

With its moderate flow speed, the Isar-Seitenkanal in Thalkirchen offers the perfect conditions for water sports. Whether surfing on the standing wave or with a canoe or kayak - the confluence of the raft canal is the right spot.

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