Webcam view from the old town to the Alps

Webcams in Munich: Marienplatz, Isar and more in live action

Our webcams in Munich show live images and weather from Marienplatz, Olympiapark, the city center and the Isar river. On a clear day, you can also see the Alps.

Wiesn-Webcams: Wo es Live-Bilder vom Oktoberfest gibt

Ausblick von der Bavaria über die Festwiese
Michael Hofmann

In unserer Webcam am Hauptbahnhof ist bei einem Schwenk ganz nach rechts auch das Oktoberfest auf der Theresienwiese zu sehen.

Wer einen noch besseren Blick auf das Festgelände will, findet unter anderem hier Live-Cams von der Wiesn:

How the webcam works

On the PC/laptop:

  • You can switch between cam locations by clicking on the boxes at the top left of the image.
  • After about a minute, the live videos automatically switch to the next location.
  • In addition, you can choose between live video and a panorama image for the web cams at Marienplatz and in the Olympiapark.
  • A click on the temperature display leads you to even more information about the weather as well as times for sunrise and sunset in Munich.

On mobile devices (smartphones/tablets):

  • Use the arrows at the edge of the image to switch to the previous or next cam location.
  • After about one minute, the live videos automatically switch to the next location.

Marienplatz-Webcam: These highlights can be seen

From the Old Town Hall our webcam looks westwards over the Marienplatz. On Munich's central square in the old town you can see the Mariensäule pillar. To the right of it stands the imposing New Town Hall. Behind it you can see the two distinctive towers of the cathedral "Zu Unserer Lieben Frau" - also called Frauenkirche.

In the left pan of the webcam you can see the parish church of St. Peter, whose tower is known as "Alter Peter".

Olympic Park Webcam: These highlights can be seen

With a height of over 291 meters, the Olympic Tower is Munich's tallest building. From here, our webcam pans from right to left first over the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Hall and the Olympic Swimming Hall with its unique tent roof construction.

Afterwards, the view sweeps over the Olympic Lake and Olympic Mountain towards the south, where the Alps can be clearly seen in good weather.

Around 9:15 p.m. the webcam makes the last pan and repeats it until sunrise.

Webcam at the central station: These highlights can be seen

On our webcam at the BR high-rise building in Arnulfstraße not far from the main train station, you can see the S-Bahn main line in the foreground when panning from right to left. Behind it, to the south, the Theresienwiese - home of the Oktoberfest and other events - immediately catches your eye. If you look closely, you can also see the Bavaria statue and the Ruhmeshalle from the side at the right end of the Theresienwiese between the trees.

Right next to it you can see the church of St. Paul. In good visibility conditions, the Alps are clearly visible in the background.

Further to the left is the large roof structure of the main train station, before the camera takes a look at the old town with the Frauenkirche on the far left and pans back again.

Isar and Flaucher webcam: These highlights can be seen

The Isar and Flaucher webcam has been temporarily deactivated since the end of June due to construction work on the Isar high-rise building.