Tourism in Munich: What the city has to offer

Visit Munich: The ideal holiday destination

From lakes, parks and beer gardens to museums, historical sites and massive stores, there's something for everyone who visits Munich. If you seek the finest beers, the most idyllic views, eco-parks, amazing cuisine, mind-blowing art collections or you just wish to sit in the midst of really great people, a trip to the Bavarian capital is all you need. Sit back and relax while we take you on a rollercoaster of places to visit and things to do in Munich!

Trip to Munich in corona times: All you should know

There are a lot of things to do in Munich - as corona restrictions get relaxed. Restaurants, gyms, parks and lots of other relaxation spots in the capital have reopened to give you the best holiday experience ever. However, there are a few guidelines to abide by to ensure you have a stress-free and fun Munich vacation. Find the current corona restrictions here:

Essentials for tourists

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Good to know for tourists in Munich



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