Tips for New Residents

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Anyone who is new to Munich usually asks these questions: How can I get a flat? Where can I get to know nice people? What can I do in Munich? And what actually makes Munich, Munich? Well, a native of Munich has the answers right here!

How can I find a flat?

  • Use social networks - both virtual and real. Tell everyone that you’re looking and post your search for a flat. Keep your ear to the ground -perhaps, friends or acquaintances who are looking to let a flat or know someone, might help!
  • Advertise in a local newspaper or use a appropriate online service
  • Other tips on living and housing

Furnished Apartments in Munich

New in town and still without a flat? Or staying in Munich temporarily for a few months? Have a look at the apartments of Mr. Lodge: Furnished, fully equipped and available in all Munich neighbourhoods - feel right at home in your “own” four wallsView online and move in immidiately!

Where can I make connections?

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  • Our Facebook group:  New to Munich - about 19,000 members get together by arrangement or spontaneously to do things like go to the cinema or play sport. (mostly in German)
  • Do some sports together - it's easy to meet people when doing sports. Just take part in "Fit im Park" programme during the summer or "Hallensportprogramm" during winter. Both services are free of charge.
  • Attend a course at the Munich Volkshochschule (adult education centre) (only in German) - cooking, dance or language courses are particularly good for getting to know people quickly.
  • Just sit in beer gardens or cafés - this is common in Munich and is an easy and relaxed way of getting talking to people.

What to do in Munich?

What actually makes Munich, Munich?