Tips and information for new residents in Munich

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Anyone who is new to Munich usually asks these questions: How can I get a flat? Where can I get to meet nice people? What are the fun things to do in Munich? And what actually makes Munich, Munich? Well, a native of Munich has the answers to your questions right here!

How can I find a flat?

  • Talk to people around you and online - Telling people you're looking for accommodation in Munich is a sure easy way to get one.  You can talk to family and friends around, also post it on your social media networks.  Keep your ear to the ground - perhaps, you'll find someone who is looking to-let theirs. This also gives you the opportunity to choose from a range of house options.
  • Look out for Ads on local newspapers or- Germany is a place where newspapers are still a major source of information. You can get some of the best house listings there. Do not forget online news platforms or house markets.
  • Other tips on living and housing

Furnished Apartments in Munich

New in town and still without a flat? Or staying in Munich temporarily? Take a look at Mr. Lodge‘s great apartment offers: They are furnished, fully equipped and available in different areas in and around Munich.

Where can I meet new people?

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  • Our Facebook group : New to Munich? You can meet up with members from our Facebook community. Attend organized meetings, parties, random cinema visits and play different sports together. See more here: (mostly in German)
  • Sporting arenas - it's easier to make new friends in Munich when you engage in sporting activities. You can take part in " Fit im Park " programs during the summer or " Indoor sports program " in winter. For both events, entry is free of charge.
  • Attend a course at the Munich Volkshochschule (adult education center) and other schools - catering, art, language and other kinds of schools provide the avenue for you to get to know more people. You should consider getting enrlled in any of the educational institutions that meets your needs. This way, you can interact with people of like minds.
  • Visit beer gardens or cafés - these are common in Munich. The loads of people who visit them are ever friendly and willing to show you around. You can relax with a glass of beer and have good conversations with others.

What to do in Munich?

  • First of all, get to know the city. Here are the classic sights you can visit!
  • If you need a guide to show you around, you can se more information on the unusual city tour (only in German)
  • For best things to do in Munich, here are some useful insider tips to (only in German)

What actually makes Munich, Munich?

  • The best person to tell you about what makes Munich, Munich, is a “Zugroaste” - a non-native of Munich who has naturalized and lived in the city for a long time. (Page is in German)


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