Ferris wheel, carousels, roller coasters: The highlights and classics of the Oktoberfest

Rides at the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest - that means not only the atmosphere in the tent, but also a huge selection of rides: The roller coaster Olympia-Looping, the Ferris wheel or the funny Devil's Wheel, these classics should be familiar to every Oktoberfest visitor. But we'll introduce you to numerous other rides that you should definitely try out at the Theresienwiese.

Sebastian Lehner

Ferris wheel

If you want a view of the hustle and bustle of the Oktoberfest from above, you should take a ride on the Ferris wheel. In good weather, you can also see the Alps from there. The 50-meter-high Ferris wheel transports up to 400 people in its 40 gondolas. The Willenborg family's ride has been at the Oktoberfest since 1979 and has become one of its landmarks.

Olympia-Looping (roller coaster)

Besucherinnen in Tracht vor dem Olympia-Looping auf dem Oktoberfest
Katy Spichal

Anyone who wants to ride the world's largest transportable roller coaster needs strong nerves. The Barth family's " Olympia Looping" with its five somersaults is the only one of its kind. On the 1,250-meter track, passengers in the gondolas accelerate up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Teufelsrad (Devil's Wheel)

Zwei Frauen in Tracht versuchen beim Fahrgeschäft Teufelsrad auf dem Oktoberfest nicht wegzurutschen. 

"Ferdl's Devil's Wheel" you hardly get to see at other folk festivals. The idea is simple: daredevils from the audience balance on a round platform, through the rotation and a swinging ball, more and more people fly out. Until in the end only one remains. On the one hand, this is completely safe, on the other hand, you don't even have to enter the "arena" yourself, because watching the "Devil's Wheel" is also entertaining.


Eingang zum Toboggan auf der Wiesn

Already the Munich comedian Karl Valentin made a funny short film on this running business of the Konrad family in the early 20s. Since 1933, the "Toboggan" has been continuously on display at the Oktoberfest. Here, people try to reach a higher part of this construction via a rather fast-paced treadmill in order to slide down from the top. Not at all easy, which usually causes amusement in the audience watching from below. As a rule, it is children and young people who have a better grip on the toboggan.

Krinoline (carousel)

Sebastian Lehner

When it comes to tradition, this carousel is a must: The "Krinoline" is the last original of its kind and has been at the Theresienwiese since 1924 for the Oktoberfest. And you can get a little nostalgic when you ride comfortably in circles in one of the 16 sofa gondolas while a brass band plays live.

Münchner Rutschn (slide)

Sebastian Lehner

Munich's Rutschn attracts young people in particular, who plunge down at a brisk pace. The undulating descent is quite something: When you stand at the top and look down on the 55-meter-long blue and white track, your stomach tingles for a moment.

Dr. Archibald (walk-through)

Seit 2019 auf der Wiesn: Dr. Archibald - Master of Time
Dr. Archibald/Patrick Greier

A relatively new walk-through is Dr. Archibald and his "Master of Time". Here you go in search of the missing Dr. Archibald and travel from prehistoric times to the recent past. The graphics in the VR glasses give everything a lively touch, suitable for curious explorers.

Kettenkarussell Wellenflug (carousel)

Fahrgeschäfte auf dem Oktoberfest: Der Wellenflieger Lechner
Mde / Katy Spichal

How do you describe a ride on a traditional chain carousel like the Wellenflug? Uphill and downhill pretty much sums it up, and at a relatively leisurely pace, so this ride is suitable for younger Wiesn visitors aged 4 and up. Extremely popular for selfies and photos too, if you can get the right angle. This form of chain carousel has been at the Oktoberfest since as early as 1919.


Sebastian Lehner

The world's highest mobile free-fall tower is also a test of courage for those with a head for heights. At a height of up to 75 meters, you only have a brief moment to experience the view from above after the leisurely ascent from the "SkyFall", because after that it's back down into the depths at a decent speed for the maximum of 24 passengers. If you're looking for thrills and a slightly queasy feeling in your stomach, you'll find them here.

Wilde Maus (roller coaster)

Das Fahrgeschäft Wilde Maus auf dem Oktoberfest
Philipp Hartmann

The "Wilde Maus" has become a real institution at the Oktoberfest, and is suitable for all those who want to ride a roller coaster, but are happy to do without rollovers. Just so that no misunderstandings arise: The ride is still pretty fast and especially in the abrupt turns the passengers are really shaken.

Ghost trains

Besucher auf der Wiesn vor der Geisterbahn "Fahrt zur Hölle"

Creepy Oktoberfest rides include the "Ride to Hell" and the "Ghost Palace." On the former, passengers are pulled down 180 meters of track on a ride to darkness. The "Ghost Palace" is still relatively new at the Oktoberfest and is the largest mobile ghost train in the world. Thanks to 360-degree seating, you won't miss any of the nasty characters.

Bumper cars

Sebastian Lehner

Everyone has probably driven these e-cars and bumped into road users: They can't be missing from any Bavarian folk festival, and that of course also applies to the biggest of them all. There are several bumper cars at the Oktoberfest. The longest tradition is the ride of the Distel family, which has been present at the Oktoberfest since 1938.

Pitt's Todeswand (motorcycle show)

Sebastian Lehner

That this is not a ride in the classic sense is clear to anyone who has ever taken a look at "Pitt's wall of death". The motorcyclists who chase along the eight-meter-high wall here at a pretty rapid speed and virtually parallel to the ground are absolute professionals and have a few tricks up their sleeves. The wooden construction is already over 80 years old and is carefully maintained.

Historic rides at the Old Oktoberfest

Sebastian Lehner

The historic Oktoberfest ("Oide Wiesn") will not take place in 2024, but will be held again in 2025.

Once again on the subject of tradition: How you can imagine the rides at the Oktoberfest in the old days can be seen at the Oide Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest). In the historic part of the Oktoberfest there are also historic rides such as the carousel "Kettenflieger Kalb", the 50s classic "Calypso" or a ship swing. The rides at the Oide Wiesn each cost only 1.50 euros per ride.

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