10 Things you should do in Munich in Summer

, Foto: Sebastian Lehner
Foto: Sebastian Lehner

Relaxing on the Isar or clinking glasses in the beer garden: These 10 things make the hot summer days and mild nights in Munich unforgettable.

Refreshment at Munich’s fountains

Mädchen am Stachus Brunnen , Foto: muenchen.de/Lukas Fleischmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Lukas Fleischmann

Munich has over 700 large and small fountains, more than 180 of which are municipally owned. These are much more than just water dispensers, but are also small oases of refreshment on hot days. Allow your hand to briefly dangle in the Richard-Strauss-Brunnen or the Fischbrunnen or feel the spray from the Stachusbrunnen on your face – it is gloriously cooling. Some daredevils even run straight through the Stachusbrunnen. The Neptunbrunnen or the Wittelsbacherbrunnen are also wonderful sights.

Enjoy the bright summer nights

Sommerabend unter der Bavaria, Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann
Foto: muenchen.de/Michael Hofmann

From the Bavaria statue and the Ruhmeshalle, past the buildings at Königsplatz and all the way to the Siegestor: As soon as it gets dark, the lights turn on and Munich’s landmarks shine in all their glory: on mild summer nights, a stroll through the city reveals surprises of a completely different nature. Don’t forget your camera! The best option is to look for one of the many scenic observation points and enjoy the view of the radiant city from above.

Swimming fun in the open-air pools

Maria Einsiedel
Grab your towel and don’t forget to apply sunscreen – we’re off to the open-air pool! The SWM pools invite you to come and relax in the sun, swim lengths, dive for rings and splash around playfully until mid-September. Every pool is different, but wonderful in its own right! From diving platforms and long slides to underwater bubble massages – there is something on offer for anyone who loves the water. If you’re not in the mood for being active, there are sunbathing areas at every pool for relaxing and browsing through your favourite book.

Highlights in the fresh air

Kino am Olympiasee, Foto: Kino am Olympiasee
Foto: Kino am Olympiasee

Who wants to sit inside when, even at night, it’s well over 20 degrees outside? Several open-air cinemas in Munich screen current blockbusters and classic films. With great entertainment like this, mild summer evenings seem to fly by. Other events such as the impark summer festival, Tollwood in Olympiapark or the classical-music concert at Odeonsplatz will entice you out into nature. And if you want to do something good for yourself, you can take part in sports with professional instruction at Fit im Park.

Picnics and relaxation in the parks

Sommer im Westpark, Foto: Constanze Groebmair
Foto: Constanze Groebmair

The Englischer Garten is Munich’s most visited park in summer, too – no surprise there! But Westpark, Luitpoldpark and Ostpark also have a lot to offer: for example, places where you can spread out your picnic blanket and enjoy the summer weather. And the extensive park facilities at the castles are also perfect for long, rambling walks. To name one example, Nymphenburger Park awaits with its fairy-tale brook, sculptures and fountains.

Sunbathing on the Isar River

Sommer-Bilder 2017, Foto: muenchen.de / Mónica Garduño
Foto: muenchen.de / Mónica Garduño

The recreational value of the Isar is tremendous: The paths along the river are popular with joggers and walkers; dog owners use riverside forests and tracks for rambling walks with their pets. And in summer you don’t really need much more than a bikini, a blanket and a shady spot. Between the two bridges – Cornelius and Wittelsbacher – is the most lively spot, but there are also quieter areas at other points along the banks. In some places, like Flaucher, you can also have a barbecue.

Sipping a coffee in the sidewalk cafés

Café in München Schwabing, Foto: Katy Spichal
Foto: Katy Spichal

It is not without reason that Munich is described as the ‘northernmost city in Italy’: Numerous sidewalk cafés line the streets and you can sit outside in the sun almost anywhere. Some have tables on the pavement; others even have a couch to relax on or deckchairs in the sand. And while you enjoy an iced coffee with vanilla ice cream, cappuccino or espresso, you can also observe the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Absolutely idyllic – Munich’s lakes

Riemer See türkises Wasser, Foto: Michael Neißendorfer
Foto: Michael Neißendorfer

Numerous lakes await sun-seeking swimmers in the Munich metropolitan region. Many of them, like Lerchenauersee and Fasaneriesee or Feldmochinger See, are easy to get to by bicycle and are even well-connected through public transport. The MVG Badebus (‘swimming bus’) drives to Langwiedersee and Lußsee in the hot summer months. And outside of the city limits as well, beautiful stretches of water like Feringasee or Poschinger Weiher are easy to get to. So don’t make excuses – head off to the lake!

Tour the Botanical Gardens

Botanischer Garten München, Foto: Immanuel Rahman
Foto: Immanuel Rahman
The Botanical Gardens are open all year round, but in summer they reveal their full magnificence. This is when the shrubs and flowerbeds overflow with the splendour of flowers and birds, wild bees and frogs start to appear. In high season, approximately 14,000 different plant species grow here. And those who find it too warm to marvel at the sea of flowers out in the sun can simply go in search of shady trees in the arboretum.

A cool beer under the chestnut trees

Biergarten am Seehaus im englischen Garten., Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller
Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller

A toast to cosy refreshment! Munich’s beer gardens attract many locals and tourists alike in summer. Sitting with a cool beer under shady chestnut trees is a great way to deal with the summer heat. It’s the perfect combination for enjoying the beautiful weather and refreshing yourself. If you like to drink your beer by the water, you can pop into the Michaeligarten, the Seehaus garden or the ‘Zum Flaucher’ beer garden. Then again, other traditional taverns offer live music from proper brass bands.

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