10 Things you should do in Munich in Spring

, Foto: Sebastian Lehner
Foto: Sebastian Lehner

Warm sunshine, delicate greenery and people sitting in sidewalk cafés: In the springtime, Munich heads outside. These 10 things let you really enjoy the warmer seasons in the city.

The Munich lifestyle in the English Garden

Englischer Garten im Sommer am Schwabinger Bach

When winter gives way to spring, it seems like nearly everyone in Munich is drawn to the Englischer Garten (English Garden). Fortunately, there is enough space for everyone to sit on the wide expanse of the lawn. People meet up in the Englischer Garten to have a cold end-of-the-workday beer, to play football or simply to enjoy the sun. You can also frequently listen to amateur musicians at spontaneous concerts – in the Monopteros, for example. And in between, it’s very relaxing to take a boat out on the Kleinhessseloher See. The Englischer Garten simply embodies the joys of spring.

Flower tour through the city centre

Gärtnerplatz im Frühling., Foto: muenchen.de/Vauelle
Foto: muenchen.de/Vauelle

In the springtime, thousands of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils adorn the city centre with vivid colours. Plant pots are set out and flower beds are planted in the parks. If you want to take a look at the sea of flowers, then it is best to not only walk along the pedestrian area – you should also visit these public squares: Gärtnerplatz and Karolinenplatz, Bordeaux- and Weißenburger Platz, and Odeonsplatz and Promenadeplatz. The spring blossoms can always be seen – and of course smelt – until approximately mid-May.

Barbecuing in the Flaucher park

Wahre Liebe: Isar
Although you’ll probably need a jumper to comfortably enjoy a barbecue with friends along the Isar, this hardly discourages anyone from allowing themselves to enjoy the first warm days of spring. The smell of steaks and bratwursts drifts through the air in the Flaucher park. But there are numerous other barbecue spots, where the early-bird barbecuers start grilling in March and April. For those who would prefer to just relax in the green surroundings: Some of the established barbecue zones are located in parks, like in Westpark or the Hirschgarten.

Surfing flair on the Eisbach

Surfer am Eisbach., Foto: Michi Reinhardt
Foto: Michi Reinhardt

A surfboard jammed under one arm, wearing a neoprene suit – it can only mean one thing: Surfing on the Eisbach. In spring, one regularly comes across surfers on the Munich U-Bahn or on their bikes. Munich is renowned worldwide for its artificial wave near the Haus der Kunst; the surfers have long been a magnet for visitors. Numerous visitors watch the surf acrobats, no matter the weather. If you want to try out riding the wave yourself, however, you really ought to be an experienced expert.

Discover the castle gardens

Gondel auf dem Nymphenburger Schlosskanal

Munich’s royal castles have a lot to offer. In spring, the fountains emerge from their protective winter shell and the first flowerbeds bring colour to the parks. Visitors to the castles in Nymphenburg and Schleißheim or the Hofgarten will encounter symmetrical garden architecture in the Baroque gardens and can also discover enchanted corners. And those who don’t want to be inspired by the sumptuous flowers alone but also by culture can, of course, visit the castles themselves.

Experience the beer garden culture

Biergarten am Seehaus im englischen Garten., Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller
Foto: muenchen.de/Falk Heller

There is nowhere else where you can feel the Munich conviviality as strongly as in one of its many beer gardens. As soon as the first rays of sunshine start warming things up in spring, people are drawn to the shade of the chestnut trees, where they enjoy a little snack. Visitors can bring their own pretzels, obazda (a Bavarian cheese delicacy) and fresh salads; cool beers can be bought there. If you want to be even more comfortable, you can always bring a cushion with you to sit on the beer bench with.

Enjoy the parks

Frühling im Westpark, Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal
Foto: muenchen.de/Katy Spichal

The hilly Olympiapark, idyllic Luitpoldpark or picturesque Westpark: Munich’s green oases provide entertainment for the whole family. Playgrounds, barbecue areas, gardens, beer gardens or lakes – when it comes to recreation, there’s virtually nothing that can’t be found. But this isn’t just a place to enjoy the sun: Many parks host concerts, events and festivals in the spring.

Munich on inline skates

Bladerin im Olympiapark, Foto: Olympiapark München GmbH
Foto: Olympiapark München GmbH

Fitness skating and speed-skating are popular and Munich’s long, well-developed stretches of asphalt offer the perfect conditions for a springtime inline tour. In Olympiapark, rollerbladers skate through the greenery on asphalt paths at high speeds. And in the Englischer Garten, there are miles of skating fun to be had on two wheels. If you want things to be even more action-packed, then your best bet is to visit one of more than 30 skate parks in Munich.

Sightseeing by bus, Segway or tram

Segway-Tour durch München.
Visitors can comfortably explore the city in the red or blue double-decker buses. There are different routes and providers and you can get on or off at numerous stops. If you want to experience spring in Munich in a unique way, then book a guided Segway tour. Get to know the city from a new perspective on these small speedsters. An insider tip is to explore the city by tram. The 19 line takes you past numerous tourist attractions and is perfect for a little tour.

Visit flea markets

Münchens Weihnachts HipHop Flohmarkt, Foto: muenchen.de / Mónica Garduño
Foto: muenchen.de / Mónica Garduño

The early bird catches the worm at the flea market – so bargain hunters show up early at the Olympiapark flea market on Fridays and Saturdays. There are real curiosities at genuine flea market prices here. The numerous courtyard flea markets in different neighbourhoods are also lovely to have a look at. As part of the spring festival, there’s also always the Riesenflohmarkt, Bavaria’s largest flea market.

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